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So Far Away, My Love...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maka1991, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys!

    How's everybody?

    Today my question is... Have you ever bought a motorcycle outside of your state? If so...

    If it was the neighbouring state, did you ride it over?
    Did you get it delivered to you?
    If it was a private sale and was not willing to ride it over, how did you arrange for delivery?

    Looking forward to your responses!!
  2. I'm well thanks and hope you are too. If you dont want to go interstate and pick the bike up and ride it back, there are a few companies who specialise in bike transport. Here's an example: Fergusson Motorcycle Transport

    However, if I bought a bike which was in Tassie it would take me a week to get it home, 6 days riding around Tassie then a day (or night) to get back.

  3. I brought my bike from the other side of Melbourne. I said to the PO that if the bike was as described he would have the cash, sign the paper work and then I would ride it back to Adelaide. And that is how it happened.
  4. Normal things:
    • Get a PPSR check formally known as a REVS check. this tells you if there is finance owing on the bike or if it has been written off.
    • Get a local to check the bike mechnically, you may be able to lean on a Netrider member in the area or you can get a pro to look at it for you. If the bike is in Victoria MRT is a Vendor on the site and can deal with SA and Victoria and though his contacts arrange for transport to QLD.
    • Transport The site Directory has a list of bike transport companies.
    • Transfer of ownership and Reg to QLD.
      • Get a receipt of sale form the seller listing your full name, their full name the VIN number of the bike, date and purchase price.
      • Follow the QLD instructions for New registration HERE
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  5. I would definitely use the situation as an opportunity to go for a nice long ride (fly there, ride back).
    Only complicated if there are heaps of accessories like exhausts etc., but they can be shipped.
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  6. Thanks for the responses everybody!

    I asked the question because I saw the perfect bike on bikesales, a gsxr-750 with just 5xxxkms on it and it was going for 7.5k but it was in victoria.

    Anyhow, the ad is gone but the info gotten from the situation is valuable all the same.
    Hopefully by the time I get out of debt I'll be right to buy outright and hopefully there as a much better offer for me out there.
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  7. Maka, I know this deal seems to have passed you by, but don't let the interstate thing put you off if you find the right bike at the right price. I'm in Brisbane. My last bike came from Melbourne sight-unseen. As stated above, I did the checks via phone and www, had a mechanic check it out (about $200 for his time and oil and filter change), transferred funds to the seller and had the bike collected from the mechanic and transported to Brisbane (for about $350). 5 years and 72000kms later, I couldn't be happier ... but I have just updated so she'll be for sale soon.

    My last boat also came from Melbourne sight-unseen. Similar process but $1000 for transport.

    I've bought a car from Sydney too ... flew down and drove it back.

    You missed this one because something better is coming. Just be ready to pounce. Good bikes at a good price don't last. Happy hunting. ;-)
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