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So, err, melted fairing?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Azamakumar, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Was washing my bike this morning when I came across this on the bottom of the left fairing:



    At first glance it looks like someone had stuck something on the bottom of my bike but I couldn't brush it off and a quick look on the inside of the fairing (second pic) shows it's hollowed out from the inside.
    There does look to be a gap designed into the right fairing, right next to where this has melted through so is it possible some hot oil or something else is coming off the engine?
    Any ideas on how to fix it short of actually buying a new fairing? Since it's on the bottom I'm inclined to rip the whole thing off then drill it out, but I'm puzzled nonetheless.
  2. without double checking (and assuming I can read the pics correctly), I'm sure mine (hyo gt250r) has something very similar, but it definitely has not melted. And it is on the left fairing as well. Hell, i might even double check now, im curious
  3. yeh, the pics don't show it very well, but it seems to be very similar to mine. Mine is definitely not melted fairing, it would feel different if melted and reformed. I don't even know if fairings can melt? The way they crack upon impact almost suggests they are a thermoset. Anyway, what bike do you have?
  4. Thermoset plastics can still melt with enough heat, just not in the typical way you'd expect.

    My exhaust has melted through the fairing in a very similar way to whats pictured here, only mine has a hose clamp on it, where the phillips head part of the clamp was pushing against the fairing with a little force and LOTS of heat, so as the fairing has pulled itself straight, the hose clamp went straight through

    Has just bubbled out to form a nice dome that clears the clamp perfectly :p

    But I can't say what the cause would be in your case.. it takes a LOT to melt this stuff (which is either ABS or Polyamide 6 I'd say, both around 260C melting point and reharden near instantly)

    Being down the bottom of the fairing, and probably invisible to 99% of people, why bother fixing it at all?
    It seems to be purely cosmetic after all.. and you can't call something ugly if you can't see it ;)
  5. It wasn't there when I washed it on tuesday, I thought it was just a mushroom or something. To be perfectly honest I'm probably too lazy to do anything about it, just curious what caused it.

    EDIT: mines an 09 GT250R

  6. Both of which are thermoplastics not thermosets...

    It would not surprise me if the cheap ar$e koreans mixed styrene or similar low grade material with abs which would lower the price, melt temp, mechanical properties etc..especially the cost of mfg....
  7. ..Touché
    Musta been more tired than I thought last night
  8. got any clearer pics
  9. No more atm, will take a couple tomorrow morning. Interested in the inside/outside?
  10. for the life of me, i cant work out your pics above, 1st 1 ok, 2nd, no idea
  11. ok my 08 has always had them.
  12. Look for an exhaust leak near the damaged area.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Had a closer look, doesn't look melted. Went over to bikebiz and had a look at a few of the bikes in their yard, all the same.

    False alarm guys :/.