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So dumb dumb has signed us up!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22861683-2,00.html

    What a joke. So now we are going to encumber a whole new set of taxes to support a network of governments.

    Funny how all the people who praise the signing of this agreement have not even read the Kyoto publications and even understand that it has zero to do with saving the planet. :roll:

    What next from our newbie leader?

  2. I never thought I'd be longing for the day that Australia would be Rudd-erless :roll:.
  3. get over it, your boy lost the erection and his seat you knew that this was coming so why whine incessantly about it?
    As a Scientist you make a great politician.

    Yes I want to shout it from the rooftops!!!

    So he signed off on the Kyoto agreement - there is much more exiting news...

    They started work on the Ipswich Motorway upgrade!!!!! :) :) :)

    Just minutes after being sworn in the crews were drilling to check the soil!!!

    I've waited almost my whole driving life for this news!!!!
  5. Why? Because the more people that make informed investigations, the more the public will become informed. Hopefully, one day it will be enough to hopefully put a plug in the BS we are told.

    Plus glad you like throwing your money away to good cause.
  6. A typically irrelevant reply, smee :roll:.

    I note that you make no comment on the topic of the thread, just look for the opportunity for the usual gratuitious cheap shot; don't you have an opinion on Kyoto???
  7. Yep i'm glad we signed it.
    shrub bonsai should have signed it.
    another reason he lost his seat.
    My initial comments stand, stop your incessant whining.
    what does "Rudderless" have to do with Kyoto mr Pot?
    get over it you lost.
  8. You know i'm starting to have doubts you really are a scientist.
  9. i have an opinion on Kyoto.

    it is an anagram of Tokyo :grin:
  10. whats the use of having an agreement when the 5 biggest world polluters arent apart of it ?
  11. I'm with pro-pilot - I reckon it's a futile piece of idealistic lip-service to the environmental lobby and an expensive mistake we can ill afford as our economy competes with China and India's.

    Why are you glad we signed it, smee?
  12. Does that mean that you shouldn't make and abide by laws because all the biggest criminals don't abide by them. Of all the problems with and reasons for not agreeing with Kyoto that's the most ridiculous. And isn't it only 4 now that Australia the biggest per capita polluter has signed up. and who are these 5 anyway I can only see China and the US left?
  13. and here ladies and gentlemen is the winner of this thread, even though the come back from smee was apt regarding the Preacher. Who just made a dumb comment about the politician and not the topic and tries to call someone else out :LOL: :jerk:
    and what was your input to this thread Pontificatar.........
    you are a tool, not an ordinary tool but a a grade tool. You call someone out and you make a lame joke about the politician and not the subject matter.

    you are a true :jerk: or was your comment Photoshopped, coz like you know all about that :roll:

    This is one reason why Howard would not sign, I am sure there were others, perhaps he did not give a toss till the enviro became an issue. This Kyoto BS was an easy marketable topic for the Rudd Party to be a vote winner. But seriously, signing it will achieve what, a pat on the back. The largest polluters are not on board with reduction, why should they be. They look at the other developed countries and there currently going through the development phase now and why should they be told not to.

    Will the signing of this put pressure on the developing countries to reduce, I doubt it. Look at the japs killing the whales under the guise of research
    :LOL: So if countries have a mind set they want to do something then its pretty hard to stop them. I am not saying its a bad thing to have targets etc I think its a good thing, we do need to put attention towards these issues, but Kyoto in this pretense was a vote grabber and milked for its worth :wink:

    Cheers :cool:
  15. Okay.. so people were elected into government. Government are doing something which is supported by a percentage of the people. So you decide to come onto a motorcycling Internet forum to complain about it. You are way marts and should be our leader.
  16. some countries have signed it but dont have to set rates , just monitor and declare there levels.
    India, Brazil are two off the top of my head
    Now they were reported in the top 5 after china and the USA and australia.

    now if countrys dont have to do anything but report levels then its seems silly.
    If the 2 biggest polluters are a part of it then what is the use.

    In our terms it reads like this too me .
    We are setting new speed limits for the roads ( 40kph)
    now everyone will be booked for exceeding them except for :

    so that leave pushbike riders to adhere to the speed limits , because these others havent signed it or dont have to actually do anything but monitor and declare.
  17. India have signed and ratified it they just don't have to do anything this time round.
  18. Prime Minister Rudd ratifies Kyoto

    The value of Australia signing, particularly right now, is as leverage going into the Bali talks. The first round of Kyoto was always intended to apply to developed countries first. The next and crucial round is intended to bring in the developing countries. And now only America - which is widely hated and disrespected for its selfishness and unilateralism - is not party to the first round. We in the developed world have benefited in lifestyle terms from development fueled with fossil fuels. It's a huge ask to ask those in China and India to benefit a little more slowly than we did to protect the environment, and our willingness to go first is a huge part of that. It would be pretty easy for the countries of the world to get into an 'I'm not doing it until they do it first' schoolyard circle that means nothing ever happens. Leadership is needed to break that and find a way forward.
  19. From what I can see Brazil have never been in the top 5.

    From what I can see depending on whose list the top 5 consists of The US, China, Russia, Japan, and India of those only the US and China arn't signed up.

    So from what I can see your plan is that if the 2 biggest emitters don't want to join (Strange that) then you do nothing?
    The countries that signed but have no targets, monitored in preparation for targets in Kyoto 2.
    Kyoto isn't perfect international legislation never is but it's a consensus and a global plan to move on.
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