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so do i need to get a bike inspection like a car inspection?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cosmo_sydney, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. im looking to buy my first bike and the thing is, i don't have any mates who ride. so i can't take anyone along with me when checking out used bikes.
    i've read the forums and there's some great advice here on what i should look out for.

    ... but im still curious - do i need to get a bike mechanic to inspect a bike or will me running through the checklist be enough? what would/did you do with no-one to help you on buying your first bike?
  2. befriend on of the lovely NR doods in your area, and i am sure one will be more than happy to come and give you a hand.
    if that cant happen, at least take it to a mechanic to give it a once-over. you dont want your first purchase to be a bad one :)

    edit - i always go shopping with an extra person, because sometimes you can become so smitten with what you see that some checklist items can be overlooked ;)
  3. What location you from Cosmo?
  4. hi sprong. i live in the eastern suburbs, nsw. cheers
  5. hahaha mechanical inspections are a joke 90% of the time! the company/person who does the inspection is most probably NOT a specialist in the particular make/mdl you wish to buy.

    the best way to inspect a particular make/mdl is to get a fellow rider who has owned one, and knows the bike's faults, common problems, etc, to look at it and they'll know more about it in 5 minutes than anyone.

    bikes are mechanical and electrical. the mechanical side of things will continue to function properly as long as they're maintained and in good working order when you inspect the bike. electrical items can fail randomly at any time as it's in their nature.

    if the bike rides well, is in good overall condition, and has been serviced regularly (by a shop and/or owner), then it's probably going to be a good bike.

    good luck with your purchase
  6. oh theres a few people that use these forums from your area.
  7. oh great. i'll repost when i have to look at a bike and see whether there is anyone here that can help. fingers crossed... and cheers for the tip.
  8. +10

    There are lots around your area that will be able to help if you ask nicely :)