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So did anyone see my letter?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Drew, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Got bored a month or so ago and posted a letter into a bike mag (one of the bike trading type ones)....and it got printed.

    just curious if anyone reads the same stuff i do and saw it??

  2. Post copy of letter and we'll be able to tell you!
  3. kinda defats the purpose. :p

    plus i'd have to find the mag which could be anywhere after the house move...
  4. either Just Bikes or MC Trader. can't remember which it was now.
  5. May Motorcycle Trader. Yeah I saw it.
  6. Fantastic read mate... BIG Nancy drew fan...
  7. Think I've seen it... something about pillion?
  8. Nancy Drew is like a mystery thing right? Just like this fcuking thread. Even Drew doesn't know shit about this topic and he wrote the letter.
  9. Spot on Bonkers :LOL: :nail:
  10. What the hell happened here???

    OK, so some people saw it and some people are f**ken strange :LOL:
  11. I got that one but the Aliens extracted the letter from my memory.
    I wrote to Spanner once and it was printed too :grin:
  12. Yep, especially people who post when they don't know what the fark they're talking about!
  13. Yup. People either read it, or they didn't.

    Why didn't you just make a simple poll to establish which category people were in, if the letter wasn't wonderful enough to bother posting a copy so those that missed out could enjoy it?

    It would just need 2 poll-options...

    1) Yes, I read the letter.
    2) This thread is gay.

    That way we could vote accordingly & not only would get get an indication, but you'd get statistics too! Wouldn't that be awesome?!
  14. Are you trying to say there really is a letter? I thought this thread was about inner peace - not needing to see the letter to know the letter was good and all that? Now that my quest has been ruined I suppose the weeks of braiding my bum crack hair have been a total waste of time? :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.