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So Close!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. I've been "on my way to my bike" since january this year when i started saving, but couldn't..

    got a massive pay packet, saved that, got another, bought all of my gear minus gloves (will get soon).

    then thought about saving up, but figured i'd give the bank a shot

    and hey! loan approved, i'll have 6k to spend on Bike, gloves, rego, insurance, licence - hopefully by next monday :D

    i'm over the moon (well, not at the moment.. but i was when i first found out, way hung over :\)

    so yeah, after school holidays (flat out at work during the school holidays) i'll get 2 days off, go get my licence. then buy a bike and gloves, organise insurance and all that crap

    then i get to ridddddeeee :D:D:D:D

    i'll be getting a CBR250RR or a ZXR250/ZX2R - anyone tell me if one is better than the other?
  2. i like my zxr250a
    its a great little bike, i think they look a little better than the CBR250RR, just a little more refined or something.

    In terms of performance, all the faired sporty 250's are close to the same. So get the one you like the most.

    When i sat on the CBR i felt a lot more upright than on the ZXR, i like the feel of leaning over on the bars, so thats the one i got.
  3. yeah, well if they're similar enough and i don't hear anything bad about them, i suppose i'll pick by taking one of each for a ride and seeing which feels better.

    but more importantly - i'm almost there!
  4. Geez,,Take it easy,, :grin: If you want plenty of riding in the near future, take your time and get the right bike,,6k ya got? minus OC, insurance, gear
    how much you gonna have for the bike? lol, i can tell your excited,,just take your time,,hundreds of bikes out there,,good an bad,,
  5. I had a zxr250a but it got stolen but was a good bike to learn on and agree they look nice and sound awesome (like an F1 car at 19000rpm). Not as easy to ride as a cb250 or GPX (the two other bikes I have ridden) but not too bad either. I have a 2 stroke RGV250 now which I prefer but probably a bit wild for a first bike!

    And in terms of low slung clip ons the RGV makes even the baby ninja feel comfortable!

  6. I've ridden the CBR250RR and my ZX2R and I like the ZX2 better for a couple of reasons. The CBR feels like you are sitting a bit higher. Plus, the CBR has those headlights that I hate with a passion LOL. They have those two holes cut in it... Oh the humanity.... Ah well.

    But I would test ride a couple and see how it all feels... Just dont see the first one and buy it... Cuz... You will probably get ripped off, people love doing that to new riders for some reason.
  7. Hey, exciting news! We'll be thinking of you when you go for your license, and like the others have said, don't let your excitement cloud your judgment when you go to buy..

    Maybe a friendly Melbourne Netrider or two might be able to tag along and assist ???
  8. yeah, i'm bringing a mate with me (has a 05 1000 repsol), but i was also thinking i'll put up a thread here and see if anyone wants to come with and give it the once over for me :D

    would be great :D

    i won't rush, i did that with my car and did get ripped off.

    i don't so much care if it's got a couple of scratches on it, aslong as it's safe, reliable and won't cost me an arm and a leg to keep on the road :D
  9. First thing i think we've gotta work on your lingo... :wink:

    '05 1000 Repsol. --> i'm more concerned with how shiny it is and what wanna-be colour scheme it's got.
    '05 Fireblade --> just the basics, it's an '05 1000cc Honda.

  10. nothin wrong with a sexy colour scheme, aslong as it's a 1000 :p