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So close to buying a SM

Discussion in 'Supermoto' at netrider.net.au started by RED ZX, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am really close to buying a SM right now, and am doing the obligatory tour of the 'net to get as much info as possible.

    The bike I am looking at is a 1 owner 2005 KTM 640 LC4 Supermoto.
    12,000km on the clock, dead stock apart from a sheepskin seat cover.
    It looks to have been really well looked after, bought from the same shop I got my KTM from, and serviced by the same mechanic, so I know it has been done well.
    Starts easy from cold too.

    Has anyone had any experience with these at all? From what I have found most people say they are a pretty bullet-proof bike if you follow proper maintenance.
    The early ones had a bearing fault, 2003 I think, but that was fixed in later years.

    Any input is appreciated.
  2. DO IT!

    But in all seriousness have you taken it for a test ride? if not, see if you can before you make up your mind
    Don't know personally but may have heard the 640's need some modding to wake them up?
    So if you're buying it as a fun bike it mightn't live up to expectations in stock form, especially with a superduke R in the stable
  3. The lc4 is a more road orientated sm, so wont need the maintenance schedule of some of the racier sm's (which is good). I havent owned or even ridden one so that is all i found when i looked at sm's.

    Tards are fun for second bikes though. If you have ome cash do it, you can always sell it in October and not lose money
  4. A good balance between maintenance and performance, if a little heavy.

    Get an SXV550, the greatest bike ever made.
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  5. A test ride certainly is possible, the guy offered when I first looked at it, I think partly because I am a fellow KTM owner.

    He is selling up &moving to Thailand in 2 weeks, so I may just hold out and make an offer next week after a ride.

    And just to be completely different, I am also considering buying a cruiser instead, and it is a much harder decision than I thought.
  6. I think that you will find that a cruiser might be a better fit with your current two bikes than the sm, the sm will overlap the ninja too much.

    When i had my sxv550 it overlapped my Buell XB12X a bit and that isnt even a sportsbike.

    Though if you get it cheap enough then you could just ride it around and see if it overlaps and flog it on for the same money if it did overlap.
  7. bit close/similar to a superduke??
    unless of course it is for dirt
    what are you using it for?

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  8. The bike would be for a variety of roles.
    If I got the SM, it would be for the odd run to work, and mainly for enjoyment rides and exploring roads that I do not intend to take a sportsbike down, but could still have some decent fun sections hidden away.
    Also to slow me down on the 'transport' sections of rides between the fun roads, which my current bikes gladly sail way above the 100km/h limit, but I would be less likely to cruise a motard at 120+ for an extended period, and these roads are generally where the higher risk of enforcement is.
    I would fit something along the lines of Avon distanzas or similar, to give it some gravel capability. I do fear it would be too similar to the Superduke when on the road though.

    Leaning more and more towards getting a mid-size cruiser first, for the odd run to work, less demand on the tyres, so would likely get more than 3000km from a rear, and would help fulfil my want to explore what tend to be more boring roads.

    Then down the track get something better suited to the dirt stuff, like a DR650, or in a perfect world, a 300EXC (not that I would do the bike justice).
  9. Not really a bad situation to be in really, having a choice of a coupe bikes that I like, to add to my existing stable.

    I only have a window of about 8 more days until the motard option is gone, so you will all know by then whether I have gone down that path.
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    i have the 250 EXC, which is very similar to the 300
    DEFINITELY a no comfort-to-be-had all out enduro race bike!

    they are road legal and quite powerful, but as they are 2 stroke race bikes not really for everyday commuting (they are faster accelerating than the ktm 640)

    not sure what to say because there is a LONG way in between a cruiser and an enduro racer, but you have had enough bikes to know that.

    dirt bikes are made for dirt! (will seem very mediocre if you don't use them for what they are made for, unless supermoto racing on go cart tracks maybe)

    looking at it that way the 640/50 would be the best middle ground, capable offroad and on road, but master of no trades, thing is that is very close to the duke, just a LITTLE more offroad capable, and not as good on tar....

  11. You are real caught up on telling people that dirt bikes are for dirt lol... About every motard topic has you mentioning it. Geez I spend too long on ere haha
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    well if you got a dirt bike, it is sort of stupid never to take it offroad.

    you owe it to yourself to try it, if you haven't tried it yet

    like if you only ever ride your sportbike in gravel, it doesn't feel too great, not made for the purpose
    feels sketchy and you don't want rocks in the radiator, god help you if there's a pothole....

    take it to the track and then you feel what it is made for...
  13. Yeah I know what your saying... I've been caught in motard scene now lol... Never really been interested in dirt riding until now... Just saving and saving... Then hopefully hooliganism and dirt bike madness woooo
  14. I think I am going to give the motard a miss for now. I feel it is not going to offer much of an addition to my current stable, and what is does add, it does so in a limited way.

    The reason I was looking at something like the 2 stroke as an off-roader when I make that jump is for the very fact that they are not suited to road use, so I would not be tempted to use it there. They only show their true value on the dirt.
    I think the closest I would get to something suitable for the road would be like a 690 Enduro.

    Thanks for being a sounding board of sorts guys.

    I think a motard would be in my stable if I was only limited to 1 or 2 bikes, but I am quite lucky to not be in that situation.
  15. the dirt/motos range from lightweight out of the box racers (MX bikes, enduro racers and old/current two strokes)
    which run around 100-110 kg with 40+ hp and behave like nitroglycerine

    all the way to 650 heavyweights with about the same power, but more bulletproofed, weighing about 150 kgs (heavy for an offroader)
    these are basically cruisers that will cruise on any surface
    (what ewan and charlie should have used)
    old XR 650's could hit 180kph straight from the box

    two stroke, four stroke, 125, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 525, 600, 650

    17 inch wheels or 18/21's

    there is a fair bit of choice...
  16. Yeah I am well aware of the scope of dirt bikes.
    I would like to own a 2T, like the 300 ktm, but it is serious overkill for me.
    That is why I think when it is time, I would go for the bulletproof option. No need for me to get a MX racer if I the riding I do would be just as achievable on a 650 etc.
  17. yeah the bike is decided by the dirt/tar ratio.
    excepting circuit racing supermotos, which i think would be MX bikes.

    weight becomes a large factor offroad, with handling and if the bike is off centre, say on the side of a rocky slope, mountain ranges, sand dunes, and generally picking up the bike off the ground.

    being new to two strokes, the EXC is an absolutely amazing bike!
    being very light and powerful it will go anywhere a bike can possibly go.