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So close I can almost taste it.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Fixed, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. New bike should be ready Wednesday afternoon. I am so excited I could almost squirt happy pee out the bottom of my shorts.

    Time to use some sick leave. Now does anyone know where I can get new Akrapovic cans for a 2005 R6 at a reasonable price?

  2. The Yoshimura victorian business development manager was at the Dynoverks Dyno Day all day yesterday, advising and assisting :) I hear he was offerring to see what he could do for some good deals to those who were there and interested who had a yak to him. Pity you couldn't make it.
  3. I know exactly how you feel! Hopefully you have better luck with the weather than i did!!!

    Which colour bike did you get?

    Ive been looking for an aftermarket can but am unsure what will look good with the black...
  4. I had to work.

    And I've a 250.

    Until Wednesday anyway.

    Black R6. She's a sexy biatch.
  5. Mmm, Akrapovic look and sound sexy. Plus they're bloody nice pipes.
  6. I know .. the grin on your face at the shop on Sat was bigger than the chesire cats :) Maybe the Mrs had a chat to the Yaohis guy?

    Congrats on the purchase too .. I think it's a very appropriate bike for you :)
  7. dont forget to pack a lunch for the old cbr and tell it never to come back when you send it away
  8. What?

    I'm keeping baby, she has been too good to me without being looked after the way she should for me to get rid of her.

    Bikes are like musical instruments; even when you don't play them any more you keep them, you can't love something that much and willingly part with it.

    Baby will get the work she desperately needs and maybe teach my brothers girlfriend to ride. :D
  9. Hey Fixed was that you cruising down Stud Road on Saturday about 12.30pm with another Duc rider :wink:

    Cheers 8)
  10. Very probably :p

    Especially if the 250 looked quite abused.
  11. Well Done mate, I here you were on the way to pick up your new bike, the mighty R6 :D enjoy the new ride.

    Cheers 8)
  12. Well done mate Mike @OCD Racing has remus cans & specialises in stubby cans. They look & sound awesome ask folma!
  13. You two were just made for eachother, I can feel it.

    I bet you wont be sleepin much tonight, and your cheeks will hurt tomorrow from all that grinnin :D

    Congrats buddy :)
  14. Congrats mate - enjoy your new steed.