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So anyone lose their license today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. So anyone lose their license today?

    I ask because on my travels on the GSXR today i went up Springvale Rd and just up from Canterbury and saw a unmarked revenue raiser with some poor youngish bloke (blond all black leathers riding a naked something with red bits) standing in the shade of a tree looking kinda bummed out, like more bummed out then you would be just from getting a speeding ticket..

    Was it any of you guys? If so give us the story..... plz.
  2. Re: So anyone loose their license today?

    Well, this part was certainly interesting :rofl:
  3. i was riding along oxford st near centennial park today at 50km/h.....saw a white holden with big radar tester out ion front. i pulled over up the road to tell a mate via phone ( he always rides too fast ). as i was phoning him a mechanic came out of the place i was in front of and he asked if i was ok. i said yes, just telling a mate about the po-po down the road. he laughed and said "oh well, they got me last week".

    turned out he was doing 180 km/h in mosman on military road. automatic suspension, 3 months, gone!
  4. 3 months for 180 km/h!?!?!?!

    Try that shit in Victoria and try walking for 2 years.

    ****ing Victoria ](*,)
  5. I stay grounded for this whole summer period for this reason.
  6. What, you've lost your license, or you don't want to? When I last saw the Honda it looked like it needed a good fang :LOL:.
  7. License in good condition. Dust upon Honda in exceptional condition. Guilty as charged! :LOL:
  8. he may have been speeding, but it is 6 month suspension for more than 45 over, not 3 months.
  9. oh well, he may have got it wrong.

    it's pretty wrong to do 180 in mosman. you'd upset all the mothers in their 4wds collecting the kids from soccer practise....
  10. That's uber lucky.

    They can do you for "Speed dangerous" and all sorts of child-killing shit when you're going that fast.
    Hoon laws come into play and what-not.

    The cop probably didn't want to have to go to court to get all the infringements enforced.
  11. Be someones pillion biatch....

    All the thrills, none of the fines/loss of license :) (no i'm not volunteering) :angel: