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so angry!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Wild Violet, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. :evil:
    other half came in this morning on his way out the back door for work and says honey i think someone tried to steal your bike last night,
    yes sure honey says i,thinking he's just tryibg to scare me out of bed...
    no i'm serious, they droppedit!! WTF? so here i go bolting out the back door in mu jocks to see its true!!!
    some Ahole tried to steal my bike last night, other half said he heard a noise late last night but didnt think much of it but it must have been that... On the positive side my baby fought back over a nice peice of grass and has no damadge at all :grin: oh and my house is now going to become Fort Knox from now on, as supposdly the rise of bike theft is on the increase now.....

  2. Thank God he didn't get it and it's undamaged.
  3. very, very lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Glad it all worked out positive. hopefully the thief tripped an broke his ankle when he dropped the bike.
  5. WTF .... friggin friday night in Shepp. Low lifes out in force. :evil: You are one very very lucky girl. Good to hear your bike came out of this attemped bike napping unhurt. Sounds like someone might have distrubed the low life scum in the process.

    But the quick bolt out the door would have been a clasic to see :LOL:
  6. Get a dog.
  7. time to get an alarm

    got pretty lucky there!!
  8. who steals a zzr250?

    must have been some random punk with no clue.
  9. Well, congrats on keeping it i guess :grin: scum of the earth they are.

    i've got a few suggestions that you should introduce together:

    This is a minimum. I like the bright yellow ones cause i reckon they are easy to see and therefore further deterant to thiefs.

    then if its your house, or if you will be there for quite some time then i'd get this;
    its a ground anchor.

    and combine it with this;
    or other big arse chain lock.
  10. man that makes my blood boil. Time for heavy chain through back wheel and frame then round varandah post with big h/duty mother of a padlock methinks.
    Glad to hear bike ok.
    +1 for the quike bolt out the door scene!
  11. You have had some good Karma happening, keep it up :grin:
  12. Steel mate alarm system set to maximum sensitivity... the steeling prick just has to breathe on it and the bugger goes off.

    Glad to hear the steed remains!
  13. That sucks!, glad to hear they didn't get away with the bike. I hope they hurt themselves in the process. There are some low bastards out there.
  14. Motion sensing lights. They work a treat. Have them installed right over teh bike if you own the place, if not talk to a sparky about wiring up a set using a plug and powerpoint arrangement so you can take them with you.
    Not only do thieves hate being seen, but when they light up, you can usually see it's happened from everywhere in teh house if you have doors open. A bit of fiddling with the sensitivity settings and they never false arm.
    Another great trick is aluminium cans around teh bike, they make a hell of a racket when kicked late at night!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. A pitbull but dont feed it much and play tug a war with it.


    you're very lucky!!
  16. Good to hear it wasn't nicked.
  17. You'd be surprised... ZZR250's are pretty popular with learners, and learners very rarely have a clue about what to look for when buying their first motorbike. They fetch a healthy price and will more than likely just slip under the radar of the police as it's 'only a 250'. If someone tries to offload a new sportsbike cheap then it'll almost certainly come up as dodgey.

    That's pretty much the explanation given by the cop to one of my ex-workmates when his ZZR250 was stolen out our workplace.
  18. Some people are simpley fcuking scum. :evil:

    On the bright side, it was more than likely some drunk moron on his way home from the pub. Had anyone with even a vauge clue tried to take it you'd be at home now wondering what colour the next one should be.

    It's a sad way to view the world we live in but I think a lock (locked shed is better) and parking out of view from the street might be a good idea from now on. :)
  19. was in the back yard, they had to walk past two cars to get near it at the back door, we now joke that they tripped on the cat while she was smootching him, the traitor (or saviour)

    they broke the ignition, probably with a screw driver, which makes me dirty as i planned a big ride tomorrow.... and have to wait till monday to fix it..

    apart from a nice coating of fingerprint dust bike is now locked through fairing and front disk with lock, shed fully locked with chain on doors, heavy duty wiring bolted on all shed windows, and chains and padlock on gate, sensor light brought and getting installed on monday!! and have a offer of a rotweiler to loan if neccasary, but we will see how i go!
  20. Get a pager alarm.... i got a scorpio pager and It is one of the best things i have bought for my baby... When ever she feels threatened by NE1, she just pages me and I come to sought out who ever is protruding in her personal space!