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so angry my head might explode

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Traffic story, but not bike related. I was talking to a colleague yesterday and he told me about his wife's accident, so this is third hand but I have no reason to doubt him.
    Apparently she was driving 55 in a 60 zone and some nob head was tailgating, gesticulating and trying to get her to go faster. A dog ran out, she e-braked, and surprise surprise he rear ended her. Both cars written off, and her boy was taken to hospital overnight (he's fine, just a precaution).
    All pretty shitty so far, but the bit that makes me livid is that the attending officer won't press charges. WTF! The only message this sends is you can drive dangerously enough to send someone to hospital, but as long as it's under the posted limit you'll get away with it. Now, my colleague is as mad as me, so hopefully he'll take this further. Coincidentally, this occurred at 5pm on the Friday before Melbourne Cup weekend, but I'm sure that wouldn't have affected our officer's performance could it?

  2. There are some verry complacent police out there.

    Now SV this is when you have to start thinking proactivley. you have his details don't you?
  3. no. it's my colleague and his wife. but from his expression I think the senior officers and OPI might be getting a call.......
  4. This is the second Lazy cop not wanting to do paperwork story I have heard latly.
    WTF Are they paid for?
  5. I was attacked in a road rage incident last year. A guy cut me off and stopped me in the middle of the Western Ring Road, and punched me through the window because he ran me out of my lane. Go figure!

    It perforated my ear drum and damaged the gland near my jaw bone. All the cops did was fill out the 'victims of crime' form and say 'have a doctor look at that.'

    Didn't do anything about the guy that stopped a freeway full of traffic in order to assault me.

    Some of them can be f***ing useless when you really need them.

    Hope your friend has some success in getting the other driver charged.
  6. I do believe I'd be ringing the local station in front of them to rereport the accident and request the attendance of an officer who's prepared to do their job.
  7. To book speeding drivers.
  8. That's farked SV and fekkinell!
  9. There you go Marcus, I have corrected it for you.
  10. Simon, I know its your friend but how do you know the other driver wasn't or going to be charged? Now I wasn't there and don't know the whole story but there are a couple of things that could be or have happened. The other driver could have been sent a Penalty Notice and the matter is finalised unless the other driver wants it to go to court.
    The matter is under further investigation and due process needs to be followed and this can take time (for something like this I would doubt it should take long at all) You wouldn't want someone charged to early and all thwe facts haven't been investigated and it doesn't end up at court or loses at court.
    Its actually harder not to give a Penalty Notice or not charge someone from a collision that it is to do nothing with the paperwork the Police have to do when they attend a collision. Have they got a Traffic Incident Number or have they claimed TAC or insurance? They can fill out a form from the local Police Station and get these. This will have the officers report and what they have recommended. If using insurance company they can do this for you. (Thats why we pay them the big bucks)
    If you want further clarification then PM me and I'll talk to you or your fried about it.
  11. Blah blah. Tell him to put his money where his mouth is, and front up at the local cop shop front desk.... The idiots that whinge "aww, the polizei are lazy" and won't chase it up makes _ME_ rage!!!
  12. He shouldnt have to chase them up. they should do i properly the first time. I can guarentee that if the OP's friend was caught speeding then they would do it properly the first time. And he can say they are lazy because they were.
  13. I certainly don't dispute that the attending officers were lazy, but if they are whinging and are too lazy themselves to fix it.... At least a couple of cases come to mind on this forum of people who don't chase it up, and that mentality is what I get riled about; for the copper, you're just another customer! 8-[