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So, a white van pulls up to me at the shopping centre carpark today...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. I couldn't believe it.

    A white van with courier stickers and a hi viz clad dark skinned driver pulls up and starts jabbering at me... he seemed lost so I walk up to the open passenger window.

    "Hey mate, are you interested in a home theatre system"

    I burst out laughing! I told him to sell it on EBAY.

    10 points for trying, he kept at me while I walked away... sheesh... perhaps he'd be willing to buy my motorbike using western union... :grin:

    This happened in Melbourne's west, so keep an eye out for aimlessly wandering courier vans...
  2. Yeah but youre a motorcycle rider, and so clearly you deal in stolen goods.
  3. Were you on your bike?
    If so, where did he expect you to put it?
    Other than where I'm sure you suggested he put it....
  4. hahah nah, I was in the wagon... I must have looked like a prospect.

    This scam used to be going around 5 - 10 years ago... couldn't believe it was being tried again.

    They actually have gear, but it's crap and they sell it for half the invoice price which is fake too.
  5. Same happened to me recently.
  6. wow, had that happen 4 years ago at highpoint shopping center once, and once on footscray road while at a set of traffic lights!! Keen.
  7. Holy $h!t How long has he been carrying that stuff around for? :rofl:
    Even sadder than the desperates pulling the stunt is the gymboids that will fall for it and then squeal about how they've been ripped off afterwards.:-({|=
  8. Yes, the old white van speaker scam, it's a bit of a legend in the industry!

    Of course he is probably also selling them on eBay, so beware.
  9. I got approached at Broadmeadows shops and also burst in to laughter. Who in their right frame of mind would purchase off these guys don't know.
  10. i was washing my car same deal

    im like yeah sure ok

    brand i've never heard of and big $$$

    i was like HAHAHA umm no thanks

    $200 maybe lol
  11. What's the deal with it? At first I thought it was stolen goods?

    Is it just a really big POS brand made to look fancy??
  12. Could be both...stolen POS branded speakers.

    I am yet to be approached by a van in west side of town.
  13. been approached many times, they are everywhere in Sydney, all lebs to, always tell them to piss off, but brownny, your spot on, they make it look like a million dollars, but the insides have the cheapest, nastiest crap in them, mate bought a set of speakers once, he thought he was the sickest bloke around cause he thought he bought $10,000 worth of hot speakers for 700 bucks, asked me around to install it for him, and when i saw what it was, i rofl'd, absolute crap

    now they sell speakers, amps, projectors and projector screens
  14. Theyre not stolen speakers. Its a legitimate business.

    Manufactured in China (and some in Australia), they are cheap , no, disgustingly cheap pieces of shit. They usually have some sort of accompanying leaflet that looks quite flashy with a big RRP $xxxx sign on the top. Usually says theyre worth quite a few thousand dollars RRP. lol

    Usual story goes " We did an installation and we ordered too many of these and the boss is gonna kill us so we gotta sell em cheap!"

    I had one long time customer/moron who got sucked in. Bought 2 pairs of stereo speakers from them for $1500 a pair. Thats $3k he forked over. He promptly brought in a pair to us to show them off. (We manufacture loudspeaker) Lets just say that it took my boss and myself a good 10 minutes before we could actually talk to the bloke. Uncontrollable laughter.

    Feeling bad for him, we took his "Top of the range" speakers up to the testing room and measured them. Checked their frequency response and output etc. After another laughing fit, we decided to take them apart for him and show him what was inside. Not much. An empty box, some cheap ass speaker units and about 6 cents worth of cabling. All up, we priced all the components of the speakers, including the packaging, and came up with a total cost price of about $86 per pair. hmmmm nice margin.

    End of the day, its not illegal what theyre doing. But if you get sucked in to buying a pair of them because you think theyre stolen, you deserve to get ripped off!!

    Maybe these guys should park outside a retirement home and wait for the sugar stealing oldies to get wind of them.....lol
  15. Last time I checked, fraud was sort-of illegal.

  16. What theyre saying is pretty much no different to what most sales guys will say to you. Utter crap. If " we ordered too many and have to sell em before the boss finds out" is their sales spiel, then thats no different to a Harvey Norman guy saying "yeah were over stocked on these and have to clear them out cheap".

    Its not fraud. Theyve been doing this for many many years and have all the loopholes covered unfortunately.

    Also, as far as the leaflet with the RRP printed on it, that would actually be the RRP of the product. I can design a product for X amount of dollars and put whatever RRP on it I want. If its my product.
  17. why dont they use black vans?
  18. I am no expert but I would be pretty sure you can't just make up a RRP and then sell it for considerably less. That is deceptive, if not fraud.

  19. yeah this is an OLD SCHOOL sale stitch up from way back,....

    Hard to pin them down on pricing problems RRP down ACCC etc when they are in vans and shady at the best.

    So... generally they go out in pairs from the warehouse, loaded up with speakers (before they diversified), each set of speakers "costs" the van pair X amount, from memory $200.

    Any amount they sell them for above that price, they keep.

    they must pass on the $200 back to the warehouse.

    For every 10 pairs(from memory) they sell they get a free set for themselves( which they sell and keep the whole 100%.

    Hearing their spiels at the warehouse start to the day is like something out of "glengary Glen Ross"

    Another rouse they use is , "warehouse gave us one pair too many , and didnt include them on the paperwork , so , you want em , cheap !?"