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NSW So.... a question on Rego when a write-off

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Rogues, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Pissed off I am,........ the assessor has written the 14 off because of a 'crack in the paintwork of the subframe back under the seat........:confused: ...... fercrissakes!! it there to hang the mudflap off and support the goddamn seat is all..........

    Anyways just renewed bluddy rego & ctp plus full comp insurance days before it happened......
    (dont even start me on the new PR3's with less than a 1000 on them...)

    I gather with my $500 excess and the comp premium I'm going to lose $800- $900

    but what about.....rego and CTP......????

    Do these reaming mongrels get that too or do I have the legal rights to cancel said rego and CTP from the date its written off..........

    I ask in that I'm waiting to hear them say...... "we own it now that we've written it off, please forward the rego papers to QBE"

    Anyone in the know, please reply, thanks in advance
  2. Dunno how QBE works, but what RACV has just told me is that they're going to deduct the remaining portion of the rego from their payout to me, but they reckon that's OK, apparently, because I can just go to vicroads and get a refund.

    So... basically, yeah. You've lost your dough.
  3. in NSW if you cancel the rego, you get a pro rata refund of the CTP and rego (less taxes and shit)
    so for a right off i would imaine it would be the same
  4. Vicroads automatically sent me a letter about refunding my rego a few months after my accident. I just had to fill it in and send it back
  5. Can he get his new PR3s back? Seems unfair to take it to the rubbish.
    Or everything with the bike (inc any mods) is lost forever?
  6. Check your PDS mate. Its all in there.

    Whether you are 10 days or 10 months into your contract, there is no difference. It still costs you $800-900 (or whatever amount you paid). For a total loss claim you MUST pay 12 months of insurance. If you are paying monthly rather than up front in full, the unpaid amount you still owe is deducted from your pay-out. If it was any other way insurance would simply not exist.

    Again, this is in your PDS. You are entitled to a pro-rata refund so this is why the calculated amount is also deducted from your pay-out.

    This should all be common knowledge. Can't speak for you but if you are paying $000's a year, one would assume you'd make it your business to know in advance what you are getting in return before giving someone so much money *shakes head*


    So you would take your bike to the rubbish if it had a crack in it? If someone no longer wanted the bike, would they not sell as is, or in parts? Once all the parts or bike is sold off and payment received, do you then expect those parts or bike returned to you when its no longer your property?

    Common sense. Get yourself some mate ;)