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So a drunk guy walks into a convenience store

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Sooty, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. #1 Sooty, Oct 15, 2009
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  2. ....it's an epic!!!

  3. holy hell

    his balance was shot.

    made me nauseous just watching it.
  4. Did you notice the way he kept falling backwards... It was like there was a big weight attached to the back of his head or his upper back and shoulders.

    I wonder if he was drunk or his brain was fried from drugs...
  5. C'mon somebody must have built this store on an slant :D
  6. Yeah, reckon that was a little more than just being drunk.

    Ketamine or 'Juice' perhaps.

    Funny to watch, but would have been annoying as hell for the shop keeper.
  7. I would have just dragged him out by his feet lol

    I wonder if he got inside a car and tried to drive
  8. He's so wasted he literally can't stand up yet he's in there trying to buy more grog....

    Proof of Darwin's theory of natural selection - he won't last long. Poor bastard.
  9. :rofl::rofl:
    Thanks for the laugh !!!!
  10. He mustn't have stopped drinking the night before...
  11. but then at the end, he just shakes his head, gets up and walks out... what the hell?
  12. Yeah that's the part that gets me. Which makes me doubt if he's drunk - I suspect something else.
  13. yeh, definately trippy, the falling backwards thing, no spacial awareness or distance perception, almost like salvia or something similar - short lasting and stupidly potent. although I havnt heard of a salvia trip lasting for more than about 5 min, let alone well over ten. Ketamine would have knocked him out cold for hours when he hit the floor. hmmm. home made perhaps?

    still funny but.