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so, 15,000km down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by klavier, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. and 300 metres by the time i rolled into my garage.... in 11 months from new... i guess thats ok? no idea really, which is where the good people of this forum come into it...

    When I got my bike there was all these opinions coming out saying that a L plater shouldn't bother buying a new 250 unless they where going to keep it.. well i plan on getting rid of the bike at the start of next year, but it'll probably be up around 35 - 40,000k and I think that accounts to a well used bike...

    Would someone care to agree with that? Im changing the oil at half intervals - i do mostly highway commuting (98%), and getting shop services on time. is my fantastic little bike going to be old and tired at 2 years young?

    as an aside,,, what sort of life time do other people get out of thier bikes?
  2. In your case a new gpx looks like a good choice considering the k's you're stacking up.

    If you'd bought an older, used and abused one, it might have been in the shop by now.

    Wonder if anyones done 15 thou on a Hyosung with no probs?
  3. 15k a year is not bad; not over the top anyways, & you will have
    problems selling a 2YO bike either.

    Other question I cant answer because the longest I've kept a
    bike is not even 12mths before replacing it. :roll: :p
  4. 25-40,000 kms is not a lot of mileage for a modern bike which has been well-serviced. My '98 model Hornet had 54,000 kms on it when I bought it in March '05 and has nearly 90,000 kms now, it's still fine. Bear in mind, that buyers will always want a lower price, and sellers will always want to get back as close as possible to their original price.....
  5. Hey Klavier. What bike is it? ...oh, just saw your sig.. GPX 250.

    I'm going to be facing the same problem when it comes time to sell my virago - hell...I'd have problems selling it now.. :LOL: (I've done just under 15000kms in the 12 wks I've had my learners. :grin: )

    At least you got your money's worth from it!
  6. you can sell anything, its just that some people wont get the bang for their buck out of their L's bike because they dont rack-up as many k's as you.

    40000kms is just broken in!!! people who upgrade every 10000 or wtvr are complete tards IMHO, because you dont even get full compression and efficiency until after 10000kms.....

    ok, 40k is a little more than broken in but you should have no probs selling it.

    as for how long do bikes last? how long is a piece of string? it depends on how you treat them....mine is just about to roll back to ZERO :shock: :eek: :shock:

    and it still has compression, and horses within the specs for its build :)
  7. Bring on the 'tards I say. Better value for the $$ for the rest of us!
  8. Thats a decent first year of riding..... :grin:

    I have just hit 19,500klm in the last 8months on my 06' blade.... :wink:
    I am like U in the sense that I do full services at halve the required intervals with good full synthetic oils.......

    At one stage, I was starting to worry bout the amount of kays i was clicking up but then I started to think that the only reason I bought my bike in the first place, was to ride! Not park up and polish.....Even though I still do a bit of spit and polish every now and then (Actually alot!)... :oops: I still ride it and ride it hard at that....Resale value???? Ive spent enough money to buy me another half of a blade on mods.... so will I get it back????? probably not but I will have memories that no money will ever buy...and friends and others that I have met due to riding......All worth it in the end.....Got to love bikes ah... :)
  9. Thats it Dr Drift! :cool:
  10. ooops, true...
    i should edit that post :LOL:
  11. DR Drift wrote:
    Spot on Dr Drift. :)
  12. 15,000 pffft.....
    try 35,250 in 12 months as of last friday :p ner ner ner

    36,000 to date
  13. Well if I keep going the way I've been going I'll see your 36000 and raise you another 24000 by the end of my first 12mths Caz. :p :LOL:

    Oh yeah...go the little viragos!

  14. :rofl: thats the right attitude to have Rosie, but wait til i get my big touring bike, then I'll show ya how to really clock up some K's :wink:

    When I upgrade you can take my place and be V1 :LOL: :cool:
    (if I don't get another twin)

    Our trusty little Virago's are going to set a netrider record I reckon.
  15. Hmmm...sounds like Caz is planning on going places. :dance:
  16. I'm going around Oz, wanna join me?
  17. Bugger that Caz! My arse is not up for such adventures. :LOL: :shock: :bolt:
  18. Hell yeah! Of course I want to join you.

    I wont be able to...but that doesn't stop me liking the idea :grin:

    Sounds like a huge and exciting adventure Caz! I may be able to do part of the ride with you.
  19. I really like this thread, it's great to see people on their L's racking up very decent Kms and having a ball doing so.

    As for the OP, a GPX is a good bike to rack up high Kms on if you're concerned with money. The efficiency of those things is crazy and they hold thie value pretty well too because they're a good bike. You'll probably loose 2-3k on a 40,000km bike, but keep all your service receipts and you might be surprised with what you can get for it.

    If money isn't an issue when it comes time to upgrade then it might be worth keeping the GPX as a second bike.
  20. I bought my first bike (250) at 47000km. It definitely didn't run as cleanly as another one in the same shop that had done 12000km, but it was $2500 cheaper. I asked the shop if they had any servicing records on either and they didn't. Keep your receipts and advertise it at the end as being well looked after and having full records. If trading in they say it doesn't make a diff, sell privately. It would certainly attract me.

    I also worried about whether my bike would be considered not worth buying by the time my restrictions are up. Then I thought - stuff it, and ride it anyway! I don't get to do much country or clear hwy riding, so I know my little screamer will wear out quicker doing what she does (18000km/7months in pretty much all traffic and suburbia), but ya gotta live/ride.

    I'd love to tour more, but maybe not so much on a sports bike! At least I'm discovering twisties a bit now :twisted:

    Just enjoy it.