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Snowy Route

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by MrChicken, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. No ... this is not about humping polar bears.

    I’m hoping one of you well-travelled folk might be able to provide some advice on an alternative route to the Snowy. I don’t want to go via the Federal Highway and Canberra. Instead, at Goulburn I was thinking I might head down Braidwood Road, through Tarago, Bungendore & then Queanbeyan to meet up with the Monaro Hwy.

    I don’t know this route at all. Has anyone gone this way, have any opinions on what it’s like, or maybe have a better route? I’m on a road bike, so preferably tarmac. I’ve got all day to get there.

    Thanks in advance

  2. i was going to do an 16-day ride from Feb 7 from Sydney taking in the 'Aussie Alps', GOR and Grampiens before heading back via the Vic gold country and the high country again. I had to postpone it though as i couldnt get the time off work.....instead I just came back from a quick jaunt on NZs South Island......now there are some roads to ride. In the end, it was quite lucky that I changed plans as i would have had to can the ride anyway due to the fires..........and its never fun touring in jan/feb ive found. its either extreme heat/humidity, or consistent rain.

    but in regards to your query, i was going to head into the mtns from the coast via brown mtn (snowy mtns hwy), and then up the alpine way through corryong, murray valley highway, tooma rd to bright, then down the Great Alpine road to bairnsdale. on my return, i was going to comeback up black spur, mansfield to whitfield rd, murray river road, elliott way then snowy mtns hwy to tumut.

    im hoping to get a chance in late april/early may to do it, but considering the events of recent weeks, some of that will probably not be done.
  3. I've done the Tarago way in the truck a few times and it dos'nt turn me on as a bike road.
    Brown mountain is a good run on the bike or maybe Tumut from the other side.
    On your way home try to include Kangaroo Valley to Nowra.
  4. or you could go the L O N G way; down the Princes Highway to Cann River, turn right and up to Bombala then through to Cooma and down to Jindabyne...