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Snowy Ride 2012

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Hi all!
    Though I'd post up a few pics and commentary of the recent Snowy Ride held in Threadbo this November 3rd 4th and 5th.
    Numbers were down a little from previous years which I suspect was due to the meet being held the week after the Aus GP

    A number of riders from here attended. Many of which had attended last year as well.
    Once youve done one SR, you are hooked. Many thanks in no particular order,
    David (Streetmaster)
    Mandy (GD)
    Graham (Northern Monkey)
    Nick (Nickers)
    David (Grey BM)
    Anto (well Anto really)
    Chris (Pilgrim)
    Phil (Mad Dog Biggles)
    Xavier (Almost made it mate, next time. Poor sod)
    Andrew (Kingpin)
    Carol and the Father in Law (What a feast on Sunday night)
    I think thats it..is it? please feel free to boot my arse if I've left anyone out!

    Great way to get some much needed catch up time with some awesome roads. Great bunch of folks, many stories told and great memories made.

    This will be a work in progress so I may come back and add some more details soon(ish)



    Not exactly the fastest day to leave Croyden. Weather was foul heading through the Spurs. Still, Davids' Kwaka gave me a giggle!
    DSCF0083 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    The end of a very slipper Lake Eildon Rd. Was happy to see the end of it. Things started brightening up towards Mansfield.
    DSCF0086 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    David and our very own Anto. 2 more genuine blokes you are unlikely to meet! (although Anto looks like he's about to pull a 'piece' out, either that or a mushy tuna sandwich!)
    DSCF0090 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    Overnight accom in Bright broke up the trip up. The last 3 times I've done the ride it was all in one hit. T'was glad to stretch it out a bit.

    DSCF0103 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    Phil, with his ice covered seat of his tiger! The only bike to get frostbite!:eek:
    DSCF0104 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    Outside Tallangatta
    DSCF0133 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    Of course I couldn't go past this sign and not take a snap of the new steed
    DSCF0135 by camfrewer, on Flickr

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    Managed to stop in time to make the right hand turn around the bend to get up to the Western Lookout. Last time I did this was on the Viffer. Seems any new bike you get you've got to get all the old pics done again!
    DSCF0139 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    Last stretch before Thredders.
    DSCF0149 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    DSCF0152 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    On to Jindy.
    View from the Jindy Inn.
    5 People sharing a room for 3 nights came to a paltry $87 each! Cheap and very cheerful. Tell Sharon, Cam sent you!
    DSCF0153 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    1st Stop, Jindy, ticket stamped (you need three stamps to go into the draw to win the bike up for grabs) and then off towards Charlotte Pass
    DSCF0181 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    Phil and I took a mates' suggestion from Aust our ing and made a detour around Smiggins. Very rough but a great diversion to the bitchin bitumen! Lots of Wallabies!
    DSCF0182 by camfrewer, on Flickr
  3. Top of the Pass. Very clear day, the best I've had up there and not ball shatteringly cold like on other occasions.
    DSCF0187 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0189 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0190 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    My thats a nice bike!
    DSCF0195 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    This was the CP checkpoint. Egg and Bacon Rolls! My second of the day!
    DSCF0204 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    From Dalgety, Anto and Phil joined me on a little dirty! detour through to Cooma. Mostly straight and fast unsealed roads. Think this is where Anto started to like unsealed stuff a little too much! I wanted to get some pics of him in front a wee bit, but the bugger just took off into the distance. I was having trouble keeping up! Hoon!!
    DSCF0207 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0208 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0213 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0216 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0229 by camfrewer, on Flickr
  4. At the end of the day we all met back at Thredders to watch the Mass Parade of bikes and the kids with cancer being pillioned in. Geeze those beers were sooo good!
    DSCF0240 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Think they're trying to tell me something?
    DSCF0253 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Sunday took us on our annual Big Teds Loop ride day. After checking my milage when returning homer on the Monday, this ride day was only 45kms LESS than it took me to get from Jindy to Mt Martha on the Monday!
    This was taken at the turnoff at Kiandra towards the Elliott Way
    DSCF0264 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Luke and Danny were on a completely different trip when I noticed them across the road. What a small world. Its great finding long lost mates in the oddest places!
    DSCF0269 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Nick getting some sustenance from the mudguard of his arse busting R1!
    DSCF0275 by camfrewer, on Flickr
  5. A great trip. As I said on another thread, a nicer bunch of guys to ride with you wouldn't find.

    Thanks everyone for obeying the girlie rule LOL.
  6. True, just thought I'd post here a ride report of sorts. Get the juices going for another one...or two...or three!

  7. It was so tempting to break it. SOOOOO tempting.
  8. Of course, then I would have had to rub your nose in it - like any other naughty puppy.
  9. Great pics. Looks like it was an awesome ride. (y)
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  10. Now, where were we?

    Now we are hungry and in need of a rest. Where else to stop on this great loop but Tumbarrumba and the 4 Bears Cafe on the main street.
    Great burgers. Always try and stop off here if I'm passing by.
    You'll see why in a minute!
    DSCF0279 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    Mad Dog Phil 'buys' a friend!
    DSCF0282 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    waiting with great anticipation for a feed!
    DSCF0285 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    And a chance to cuddle up to something warm and loving!
    DSCF0293 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    The ride took us from Jindy, Adaminaby, Kiandra, Elliot Way, Tumbarumba, Tumut back down the awesomely fast Snowy Mountains Highway back to Adaminaby and Jindy again.

    For the trip back home, I decided (after some searching here regarding the Barry Way) to take this route home. Great decision too! Impressive and quiet road takes in some of the most awe inspiring vistas. The road itself wasn't too bad except for the water ruts that can catch you out on some higher bends. The Vic side had been recently graded. Just be careful of the wide ditches that seem to want to suck you into them.

    Start of the Barry Way and the sun was coming up. Knew I'd be taking a few pics along the way at this rate!
    DSCF0301 by camfrewer, on Flickr

    DSCF0300 by camfrewer, on Flickr
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  11. 8160559789_792799192c.
    DSCF0302 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0305 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0306 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0309 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0312 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    The first half of the trip, the road was in this state. Very loose, marbly grains on top of a packed base. Mad for a few OMG moments. Tried powering out but the back kept spinning out the other way. Even with counter steering.
    DSCF0313 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Interesting lookout here. Gave details of a huge fire in 2003. Still quite bare around here and you can see the road meandering around the hills. It was at this stage I thought, "Geeze, this road goes on forever"!
    DSCF0314 by camfrewer, on Flickr
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  14. url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/camfrewer/8160601503/] 8160601503_11152fe597. [/url]
    DSCF0356 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0357 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Had to get a grip on the number of stops for pics. just....soooo...hard...toooo!
    DSCF0361 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0362 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0363 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Just testing out the nifty new Fuji camera....
    DSCF0364 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    And this was a hand held zoom to 30 (i believe)
    DSCF0365 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Not a bad effort?
    DSCF0366 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    About 2 mins after this pic was taken, I headed off to the other side of the hill and the whole environment changed to green pastures and fields. It was as if those views and ruggedness disappeared. It was quite odd. I kept looking over my shoulder almost willing those views to come back!
    DSCF0367 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    On the way to Bruthen. Lots of twisties interupted by some straights. Knew it wouldnt be long before I was dead heading it through Sale, Bairnsdale, blah blah blah!
    DSCF0369 by camfrewer, on Flickr
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  15. 8160646552_97e32f2903.
    DSCF0370 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0371 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Comfort stop at a very well appointed campground at Bruthen. Quite idyllic!
    DSCF0374 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    This is what happens to your steed when you have way too much fun!
    DSCF0376 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    This isn't mud, but a very fine red dust that has managed to coat most of the bike
    DSCF0378 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    DSCF0380 by camfrewer, on Flickr
    Now for some figures. For those of you that may be interested.
    Thurs 448km Mt Martha to Bright
    Fri 340km Bright to Jindy
    Sat 335 sedate ramble around the local areas for the ride proper.
    Sun 496km Door to door Jindy on our epic 'Big Teds Ride Day'
    Mon 539km Jindy, via Barry Way, Bairnsdale and 'the slab' back to Mt Martha
    Funny, or scary thing is that our epic Sunday was only a poofteenth shorter than my trip home. Fark!
    Thanks for watching.
    Till we meet again!
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  16. Nice write-up and some great photos there!
  17. Thanks mate, indeed it is a great weekender and a chance to catch up with some top guys and girls from NR. These are people that make such a trip as memorable each year.
    Next time will be my 5th!

    Look out for next years one!

  18. Great write up Cam.
  19. Great pics Cam and great bunch of people with heaps of fun, hurry up next year.
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  20. Great pics and writeup buddy !
    I think we all miss the love, cuddles and comfort of the walloping massive Teddy Bear (!) at 4 Bears Cafe.. :)
    An awesome time with a great group indeed !
    I think a visit to those parts is much needed....much sooner than ~1yr's time (ie, usual Snowy Ride time)
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