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Snowy Ride 2011 - 5th Nov

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Makes for an awesome weekend of riding and probably a good time for those interested to start planning etc.....

    Online entries for this year is available from the first of July from their web site.
    But thought to post this reminder and worth booking accommodation nice and early as I've been told some places around there are already filling...
    Looking forward to it...


  2. Rostered off this year :woot:
    (hopefully I'll have my bike back in time 8-[)
  3. I'll Be there ;)
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  5. I'm in.
  6. Accomodation is a premium commodity during the Snowy Weekend so get yours now
  7. This looks awesome, but some planets will have to seriously line the fuck up if I'm to make it - by the time I'm ready I reckon I'll be camping...
  8. Split a room NK?
  9. Mate that might just be the answer...
  10. Cool. I agree with all above, we need to get our A's into G and sort something out very soon.
  11. Pending roster, I will be riding up from Melbourne for this - visited these parts last October...special place in my heart.
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    Sure would be nice to meet some of you there. Anyone interested in a NetRider drinks or something?

    I've opted for staying in Jindabyne at The Station this year rather than Thredbo. Reasonable rates and a nice place. It's quite large with central shops/food etc. I think there are actually some official Snowy Ride functions happening there this year as well.

    Anyway, hope to catch up with some of you there. I'll be the nerd on the GSX650F with GoPro cams and maybe even a shiny new Canon 60D by then. I'm really getting in to videos these days and what better place than the Snow Ride? Last year I left the ride early due to illness so I want to try and do some cool stuff this year. I did put together a short video anyway.

  13. That'll make two us then, by the looks of things - we'll have to make sure we dress differently...
  15. This sounds like a great event, I have been thinking of doing a ride over a few days somewhere...

    Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to get up there, what number of days accom is needed (appears at least Friday, Sat & possibly Sunday too).
  16. It's a lazy 8 hours with plenty of stops to Cooma in the car which I've done about 5 times. never done it on the bike but was thinking of leaving Berwick at 8.00 am ish on the Friday and overnighting at Orbost. Would really like to get to bombala but this is pushing towards 500k's of some quite twisty roads. ( we can begin the snowy section and getting our cards stamped from Bombala)
    On the way back I was thinking of heading to Albury on Sunday and back into Melbourne from there on Monday. So you would need Friday and Monday off work.
  17. From Melb.
    I would need to be a 3 day ride.
    Friday to get there....
    Saturday the Snowy Ride itself...
    And Sunday to get back...

    I'm doing it with 7 others over 4 days as we'll be spending the Sunday riding in the area then heading back home on the Monday...
    We're staying at Jindabyne as it's a sh&tload cheaper there...

    This is what we did last year.
    Early 6AM start in Pakenham then via Bairnsdale (boring bit out of the way nice and early), Omeo, Hotham, Mt Beauty, Tallangatta, Corryong, Thredbo and Jindabyne.

    Snowy ride itself, idea is to get your card stamped in at least 3 of the nine checkpoints in the area and making sure you're back in Thredbo by 4pm.
    The checkpoints I remember were Jindabyne, Thredbo, Adaminaby, Cooma, Berridale, Dalgerty, Charlottes Pass, Bombala.

    Did a loop from Jindabyne, Berridale, Adaminaby, Elliot Way/Tooman Rd to Tumbarumba, Batlow, Tumut, Blowering, Yarrangobilly, Adaminaby, Berridale and back to Jindabyne.

    Return trip home was partly the same way we rode there but cut across to Myrtleford before Mt Beauty then Whitfield, Tolmie, Mansfield, Jamieson, Eildon (still dirt then but now sealed!) and back via the Black Spur...

    Can't remember the total K's but from memory it was about 2800k over the 4 days.
    Least k's was on the Saturday Snowy ride itself!

    Twas an awesome weekend and why I had no hesitation to be there again this year..
  18. so joe you riding as a netrider or that other mob?
  19. haha..
    Actually atm, we're 5 netriders, 1 from the other mob and 2 who are neutral..:D
  20. enjoy mate