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Snowy Mountains road conditions

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RF VFR1200, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Hi, planning a group ride in Jan '15, looking for up to date knowledge of road conditions, specifically, how much gravel remains on the Bonang (Orbost-Bombala), the Cooma-Braidwood road, and Braidwood-Nowra. I know the delightful Snowy River Way through Dalgety is now all sealed, as is Omeo to Mitta Mitta (Vic)

  2. The Bonang has two unsealed sections - about 5~7 km of dirt in NSW and (if memory serves) about 12km of gravel in Vic. It is kept in pretty good nick and is no problem if taken easily. (I'm overdue for a run on it :) )

    The Cooma to Braidwood road is unsealed. No idea what sort of nick it's in.

    Braidwood to Nowra, there is a 10?km section of dirt/clay not long out of Braidwood. I wouldn't want to try riding it if it is wet, it would be as slippery as duck shit. (google streetview) But no problem if it's dry. The road from Nerriga to the coast is pure delight.
  3. Snowy River Way from Dalgety to Monaro Hwy (Just North of Bombala - it doesnt go to Bombala) is sealed all the way (been sealed a while now) , and in excellent, clean condition as of a couple of weeks back.

    The Bonang doesn't start at Bombala, it starts just after Delegate.

    The dirt section that used to be about 7km just out of Delegate is now only about 2.5km, the rest of that section sealed. The second section of dirt which is about 13km is still all dirt. In good condition and very easy to ride on any style of bike.

    The rest of the Bonang from Bonang to Orbost is in very good to excellent condition, with only a few small sections showing pot holes and some loose debris. The original 105km "Winding road" sign is gone, and you will see a much larger red/yellow sign a few km closer to the Delegate side.

    Perhaps introduce yourself to the group while you are here. given you joined only today.
  4. A few of us were on the Bonang over the Cup weekend, and I measured the gravel then (early Nov). First bit was 2km, second bit 12km. In pretty good nick, not a lot of holes, but some loose bits. Pretty ok in the tyre tracks. Was done in fine weather so don't know what it's be like in the wet.
  5. Thanks guys. Lots of conflicting info around, especially on Cooma-Braidwood. The RTA website seems pretty useless. As for introducing myself, figured that's what profiles were for. Been riding continuously about 30 years, lived and worked in Qld, WA, NT and Vic. Lots of varied riding all over Aust and o/s primarily road sports and touring, plus track days. I'm happy on good dirt on a road bike but I know many are not, especially if it gets loose or soft, hence the queries.
  6. I rode it on a K1600GT, they don't get much bigger or heavier than that and it was fine.

    There is a specific forum for intros ;)
  7. Cars shouldn't have a problem with dirt roads.
  8. They didn't, we did only pass a couple though. ;)
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  9. If you can ride, the VFR1200 will laugh at the Bonang :p
  10. Welcome RF VFR1200
    Will be a sweet ride, been a few years since I've ridden all that area, can't wait to get out there for a few days of riding & camping over summer =D
  11. Hi all, regarding weather, what would be the best month to ride to mt kozioscko(Thredbo), i'll be riding from Sydney, thanks.
  12. this month, or what's left of it