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Snowy Mountains Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Griff, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    34 year old male, finally starting on my path to motorcycles after a life long love of them. Haven't done anything until now as I felt I wasn't mature enough to not do stupid shit as is the desire of many a younger bloke!

    Live in the Snowy Mountains so lots of nice country roads and views to enjoy when I get things rolling, still not sure I want to do the Canberra commute on a bike, but we'll see. Right now I am pre-learner while I research the heck out of everything and get in the mindset, also way too many choices of bike to choose from! (which is one of the reasons I joined).
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  2. Welcome, you're in a lovely part of the world. I have happy memories of the corners around Thredbo.
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  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Welcome to NR..
  5. G'day and welcome to NR, Griff. As Womble said, you're in a beautiful part of the country and ideal for motorcycling - I have to say I'm a bit jealous, what with all the straight roads here in central NSW!

    I'm another thirty-something new rider; NR definitely is a good place to learn some of the finer points of motorcycling.
  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Yes its great country out here, apart from in the winter months when all the idiots come down for the snow!

    Also making bike choices difficult as its so much open highway that I feel a cruiser would be great to just ride around and enjoy the scenery!
  7. G'day and welcome Griff,

    I'm not far away and a frequent visitor to the snowys. It is indeed a wonderful part of the world.

    Wereabouts are you?
  8. This will get me in trouble, but... on a cruiser, the rider is expecting to be the scenery :sneaky:
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  9. Fixed it for you.
  10. Welcome to the forum
  11. Cooma but work in Canberra, long boring commute every day in a car, already looking at the road and smiling at the thought of riding it instead of driving it.
    Haha yes so I have heard, not the best for the twistys.

    At the moment I am sorting out gear and wondered, do I go all out and get all the gear before the bike (so far, the mindset is spend as much as I wish for GOOD gear, worry about finances for a bike later) or just get the essentials and gear up as I go and find out what I wish I had (like thermals, more armour etc)?
  12. For where you are I'd recommend layers for beating the cold and get mid level kit costwise.
    Training is better than armour, it's better to avoid the fall in the first place than to spend all your money on kit to protect you in the event of a spill.
    If you decide that you like this riding malarkey you can upgrade later and you'll have spare kit.

    Cheap kit doesn't last and can make an OK ride miserable.
  13. Thanks for that, I am a firm believer in you get what you paid for, so not to worried about spending a fair amount of money of good kit that will last a long time and keep me warm and safe.

    Despite being in a non declared area, still going to go do the stay upright course up in Canberra. Anyone know what kind of bikes they have there for learning on/can you try several bikes to see the difference in riding?
  14. If you're not fussed about the cost (too much) get trousers and jacket that are Gore Pro, nothing else is 100% waterproof AND breathable. There's no liners to be fannying around with which for me is a huge advantage.
    Boots, gloves and specifically the helmet should be bought on how well they fit - forget price, fit is everything. So take any recommendations on helmets with a pinch of salt.

    Check out Revzilla on youtube and compare the features of any kit you like the look of.
    Most of the big Aussie retailers have 6 month sales with big price reductions e.g. I got my Dainese gore-pro gear for 50% off (from MCAS), Dainese leather for 40% off (from Bikebiz) and my BMW twat suit (technical term) three years earlier for 60% off (from Pro-Cycles).

    There's plenty of threads on NetRider about the relative merits of the different brands.

    Happy hunting.
  15. I'm sorry, but that section 'tween Cooma and Canberra is boring on a bike as well :(

    Overtaking is easier on a bike though (just keep an eye out for HWP - a job made harder by these new covert from the front jobbies, but you'd know that already)

    Edit: just re-read your OP, didn't realise you would be on your L's. You'd be limited to 80. Erghh maybe stick to commuting by car for a while
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  16. After 5 years doing that trip i know all the cars and all the spots they hide! Pretty sure they also know me as I do the trip every day and pass the same blue HWP each way, also the mobile camera in the covered ute!
  17. Where's the best coffee in Cooma?
  18. Yeah, wasn't planning on going on that road for quite some time, see enough dangerous behaviour when in my car to not be in any rush to do that trip.

    Probably do down to Berridale or up to Bredbo would be the extent of my riding for the first while. Or even out on the Snowy Mountains Hwy to Adaminaby which usually has minimal traffic in the warmer months.
  19. Lucky you! You have some of the BEST riding roads in the country right at your doorstep. I try to get down there a couple of times a year, and always take the long way through the area whenever heading to VIC.

    Plus I always stop at Roses Lebanese restaurant for a feed :D (Is it still there?)
  20. Hey all,

    Just wanted to post to say I am still around.
    To answer Jarse's question, yep Roses is still there.

    Still in pre-learner hell, mainly because the money I had saved up all got whisked away in July, courtesy of two sets of car rego, rates, mortgage payment AND a tax bill all arriving simultaneously! (bye bye 3 grand) Slowly working my way back to purchasing my first bike, have all the gear I need minus a helmet, which I will get as soon as I book in for the rider course (which is proving difficult aswell! Queanbeyan rider school is booked out a month in advance - I could get my L's instantly as I am out of a declared area, but I think the rider course is worth the time and effort)

    I am floating back and forth on the idea of getting a small loan to purchase my first bike, as it means I can get on my bike sooner, it also opens up a few more options on models (like ABS models) instead of the cheapest I can afford with savings. Trade off of course is that I then have debt to pay off, so still undecided.

    So for now, I'm one of the few cagers who acknowledge and are fully aware of riders around them and make sure they have good filtering space and all the stuff that almost no other bloody car driver does. Reading and watching a bunch of stuff (like Twist of the Wrist) and looking and sitting on every LAMS bike I can (god damn did it feel good sitting on a V-star 250 at Joe's in Fyshwick)