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Snowy Mountains Highway

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by StemCell00, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I am looking to take the bike out in the next few weekends - thinking of up the Snowy Mountains Highway.

    Can anyone advise if the Tumut to Cooma is rideable this time of year (snow ice etc?)

  2. Generally, it is, as it's below the arbitrary 1000m snow line, but it's best to check with the cops at either Cooma or Tumut just to be sure.
  3. yeah should be ok but check anyway..
  4. Hmm, really? I went on the Snowy Mountain Highway around October last year and remember encountering snowchain bays and the change to yellow road markings to signify that the road (briefly) climbs over the snow line.

    I prefer the SMH to the Alpine Way, actually. The scenery's so much more spectacular, and I thought the road was more fun too. Though I was heading East to West for both roads... maybe Alpine Way is more fun heading toward the East.
  6. I drove up to canberra via cooma about a month ago and it was ok, only thing I found was the low ambient temp and somewhat wet conditions it was hard to keep heat in the tyres.

    Like most have said, check with the local RTA or Police.
  7. Or, just ask me. I ALWAYS know.
  8. So are you kept up to date via external reports with most roads Sydney and southwards? or is it just from lots of travel?
  9. as i tried to post yesterday but just quoted spots it SHOULD be fine it MIGHT not be. been a touch warmer so that helps. and yes it is considerred alpine. just check prior. easy as and a nice track to boot.
  10. Just use caution toward the Western end of the road where the road's a bit narrower and there are no road markings.

    Tourists in camper vans, motorcyclists and sportscars will come the other way and they all use the entire road in the (blind) corners.
  11. I always have someone, somewhere. Big company.
  12. Mate i HIGHLY recommend that road! I was there in july (not on my bike but in my audi) and GOD it's good! Pick the right time of day and there'll be no one around you for miles and miles, and you get great sweeping bends and all that I'm sure you know about!

    And there was no ice or anything, but there was a degree of snow on the side of the road. I probably wouldn't worry about that, you should be fine as it's heating up. The only place to worry about is closer to the mount selwyn (i think) turn off, and the twisties down towards the end of the run (if you're coming from cooma) - you don't want to get stuck behind a hilux going 20km/h!

    Have fun!