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Snowy Mountain Ride - Alternative schedule

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Captn Spock, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Firstly, for people interested in Snowy Ride please note streetmaster has already posted a ride in the NSW section and has details up there. This is ANOTHER version of the ride starting on a different day to accommodate a slightly different schedule. Please check both threads to understand what suits you best. Note - this ride is learner friendly and will take on board any newbies wanting to explore these awesome roads.

    The rationale behind this schedule is that it only involves 1 day of extra leave to be organised at work on 4th November, plus I cannot take the friday off. I am looking for people in similar situation to myself who may be interested in coming along.

    Ride details

    Considering a trip up to Snowy Mountains starting on Saturday, 3rd Nov 2012 lasting for 4 glorious days of riding with 3 nights overnight stay. 2 nights at Bright and 1 at Jindabyne.

    Current plan is as follows -

    03/11 - Leg 1 - Melbourne to Bright (via jamieson) - Overnight stay at Bright On Saturday 3rd Nov (Confirmed accommodation for up to 6 people) Route map -> http://goo.gl/maps/YiX40
    04/11 - Leg 2 - Bright to Jindabyne (via alpine way) - Overnight stay at Jindabyne on Sunday 4th Nov (Confirmed accommodation for up to 8 people) Route map -> http://goo.gl/maps/bj2np
    05/11 - Leg 3 - Reverse of Leg 2 - Overnight stay at Bright on Monday 5th Nov (Confirmed accommodation for 6 people)
    06/11 - Leg 4 - Reverse of Leg 1 - Home!
    Looking for 1-4 extra riders of skill level 2-5. Will also take learners on an exception basis.

    Cost will be anywhere between 35-60 per night depending on how many people confirm bookings and what rates we end up securing at the Bright and Jindy Inn.

    Confirmed attendees
    Captn Spock (paid)
    StueyRowls (paid)
    BitSar (paid)
    goddie (paid)
    NGM (and his mate)


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  2. Re: EOI - Snowy Mountain Ride - Alternative schedule

    Depending on Work I will go on this leg
  3. Re: EOI - Snowy Mountain Ride - Alternative schedule

    Good Onya for organizing a ride like this mate. Not everyone one can make the Snowy Ride proper.
    Just be careful regarding coppers about after the main event over that weekend. They'll be frustrated they haven't booked many during the event. (they are pretty good regarding minor speeding during the weekend)

    Have fun.

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  4. Re: EOI - Snowy Mountain Ride - Alternative schedule

    This just got a whole lot SERIOUS! I have confirmed booking for all 3 nights for upto 3 people right now. If more join in, I can arrange for more. Lets ride folks! :biker::biker::biker::biker:
  5. Re: EOI - Snowy Mountain Ride - Alternative schedule

    Can a moderator please move this thread under Vic Organised rides please? I have booked accommodation and this ride will now go on as planned. Seeking extra riders to join in!
  6. Re: EOI - Snowy Mountain Ride - Alternative schedule

  7. This sounds like a great ride, would have been in if not for the old ball and chain (hi [MENTION=14831]Roderz[/MENTION]! :p) not having any annual leave! :LOL: Aah well, there is always next time...and the next Capt Spock's mystery ride! Now, if only the weather would co-operate...
  8. Not even a day? :-({|= Would have loved to have you guys onboard.

    Anyway, hoping a few more join in. :angel:
  9. You can leave Roderz behind [MENTION=36798]White Frost[/MENTION] :)
  10. I am being browbeaten into joining for the first day.

    You're lucky that Oil Stained Brain runs for two days.

    We'll come as far as Mansfield then turn back.
  11. Cool. You know you would be closer to bright than eltham by the time you get to Mansfield. Why not stay overnight and head back the next morning? The rest of us will head towards jindabyne and you guys can head to Melbourne to your festival thing.
  12. Can recommend the overnighter in Bright from last year - the town is busy with the Hotrod festival so lots of vehicular eye-candy and a festive atmosphere! Still remember Streetmaster getting confused as to the turn to Bright - until a garish orange hotrod flew past, and he said "Follow that car!!!"

    So we did.
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  13. Depending on his work schedule ,
    B and I might tag along to Jamieson and do an overnighter there ..

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  14. Oxley turnoff. :eek:wned:
  15. Whatever, I was just following you [-(
  16. Hadn't thought of going via Jamieson,,,,
    Hmmmm,,,,Might have to pinch this route for the Thursday ride up! (y)
    (That's if you don't mind route theft!)
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  17. ^ I'd be keen to go this way.
    Adds another 38k's on twistier roads.
    however if we went up the black spur instead of the reefton it would take off 10k's from the planned route.
  18. Not at all mate. I love the eildon jamieson road. Wouldn't miss it on a ride like this.

    Reefton + Jamieson is a hectic morning though. I hope you have lunch planned pretty soon after Jamieson, at the brewery or something. You guys will have worked up quite an appetite!
  19. Count me in mate. Cannot pass up an opportunity to ride the Alpine roads and I can manage to take the one day off. Let us know if you need a hand organising anything :)

  20. Gday mate. You're in! Sent you a PM. :)