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Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by caz64, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. #1 caz64, Jul 17, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2015
    Woke up to some white stuff this morning :)
    Wont be riding today!
    This in Moss vegas (southern highlands)


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  2. We had a big fall at blayney
  3. image.
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  4. Got the shock of my life driving into work this morning (Bowral)! In 12 years I've seen it snow but never settle on the ground
  5. My grandmother used to live in Moss Vale. I remember is snowing there once. Is was a New Years Eve party!
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  6. Okay when and where are we having a rip snorter Christmas in July party and piss up...Moss Vale or Blayney?

    It is so so beautiful though...snow angel time :) I love just rolling around in snow and running around catching flakes on my tongue like a demented dog...
    Thanks for the gorgeous work diversion with the pics! :)
  7. fcuk that. I'll go to the one in FNQ at this time of year.
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  8. Are you a cold sook? Or too adjusted to sub-equatorial climes? :)
  9. Never liked the cold, but this winter is hurting more than the last couple.
  10. Couldn't live where is snows all winter....ugh, send me round the twist!
  11. Last time I saw it snow (really snow and stay on the ground!) was back in 2004. The old dog loved it, went out and rolled around in it. The cat didn't think much of it though :)
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  12. I think it is more the amount of sunlight that is the issue...when I was in Norway, the sun rose above the horizon for about half an hour...it was pitch black dark until about 0930 when there was a twilight-like glow until about 1400 then pitch black dark again.
    Lots of people in such countries get seasonal depressive disorders due to decreased levels of serotonin so they buy "happy" lamps to encourage serotonin levels to be maintained...

    I loved it...was weird and novel but I hated the black ice on footpaths...good excuse to get in front of a fire and drink eat and be very merry! :D
  13. Weather forecast for tomorrow morning, fine -4 ,beautiful . Live in blayney for a few years and you never feel the cold again.
  14. Be a gardener in this weather.....gets you acclimatised!!!!
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  15. I've never seen so much snow in areas that usually don't get snow. But then we are much more connected with camera phones and social media than ever before, so maybe it only seems like there's more snow than ever.
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  16. Before I became addicted to Skiing I used to think Blayney was the coldest place I ever went. Spent the night camping at a Dam just near there on an Adelaide ride and froze my arse off.And then I hit the snow lots,sit halfway up the old Merits double chairlift for an hour in a Blizzard when its broken down and cold gets a new meaning.And then there's sleeping in a panel van next to Lake Jindabyne when the frost hits -10c and the condensation drips of the van roof all night on to me. Yep we are having a serious winter this year.
  17. I also am addicted to skiing, but I've never been dumb enough to try camping in the snow. Only once ever slept in a car beside Lake Jindabyne, but wrapped in a warm doonah, I wasn't cold. Also always had good snow gear, so I've never been cold in the snow or on a chair lift.
  18. That time on the Merits Double chair,its still there but hardly gets used was 30 years ago and I was wearing a pair of waxed cotton Belstaff pants and a cheap as chips parker with the zip undun.You carry your skis and poles on that non detachable chair as its a walk off up top.I also didn't have my cheapy leather gloves on and was not mucking with any of the clothing for fear of dropping a ski or pole,its a big drop into deep valleys with zero access if you drop anything.I leaned a good lesion on that ride.Over the years I acquired top gear,Goretex etc. I used to drive the panel van down every weekend,sleep in the back the first night and get accommodation with a shower the second.I added some insulation under a sheet of 3 ply on the inside of the roof after the condensation from my breath caused the rain event.When your addicted you end up skiing in any weather.Lots of rain etc.
    I eventually learned to pick and choose better weather.I was that addicted one weekend the only available snow was a 2m wide run made by the Piste Bully's down the side of the Merits T bar ,it was a joke but I was still there.They made that run just to comply with the ski guarantee with accommodation,no snow no pay.
  19. Just thought you should know, balmy 23C here....... in Cambridge.
    Triumph is the choice of bike this part of the world, although most bikes are of the pedal variety.
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  20. balmy 15 but we have the heating on !!!