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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DisgruntledDog, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. The BOM are forecasting snow down to 500 metres on Wednesday. Given that I live at an altitude of 470 metres and I have to go up hill before going down to the city, there is a reasonable chance of snow.

    Now, I've ridden to work when the temperature is below zero and survived. Got my heated grips now so I'm better prepared.

    Has anyone ridden with a small amount of snow on the ground? It's snowed around here on a couple of occasions over the last 8 years and it's usually only a few centimetres deep and melts reasonably quickly.

    Should I woose out and take the car?
  2. don't forget your chains lol

    me personally, i wouldn't do it
  3. Took my girlfriend of the time skiing at Mt buller on the Z1R. Bit of snow on the road up the mountain didnt seem to affect it, just take it a bit more carefully..
  4. I remember riding my bicycle in the snow as a wee lad back hame and I've driven through snow, up around your neck of the woods and out Ballarat way, and would have to agree with foot69 - if you come across it, tippy toe. The other bike issue will be how sharp your mind will be in temps cold enough for it to snow.

    You know what, take the car :LOL:
  5. Yeah it sucks, avoid like the plague if you on a road bike
  6. Snow's no problem. Ice is.
  7. agreed; snow you can see, ice sneaks up on you :shock:
  8. I'm happy to ride in most weather, rain or shine, hot or cold, but if there one thing I won't ride in, its snow. Where there is snow generally you're going to find ice.
  9. Just watch for ice and you'll be fine!
  10. snow/ice racing :D

  11. Fresh snow is OKish. Snow hard packed into an ice layer is another matter. I've ridden on both and survived, but I wouldn't do the latter again given the choice.

    The biggest problem I've foundwith falling snow is the fact that my visor fogged instantly but snow in the eyes is too painful to do without it. It once resulted in me riding across Manchester one evening holding my breath between traffic lights, which got quite interesting if I hit a long succession of greens :D.
  12. Having hit ice while driving in NZ my advice is.. don't hit ice? On a bike, unless you are going perfectly straight you WILL crash. If it has been dry for a while prior to this there shouldn't be much ice around, plain snow isn't too bad to drive on so I'm guessing it isn't too bad to ride on either. It has less grip than a wet road but the way you loose traction is much more linear rather than in the wet/dry where you have grip up to a point and then suddenly it slips.
  13. I'll check the weather before setting off and if it looks like snow, I'll take the car. Discretion is the better part of valour, at least that's what Will said.
  14. Yeah, I'd just take the car if you aren't used to it. No one will think you're a hero if you get there and if you end up in hospital they'll think you're a complete moron who deserved it. Ice patches are impossible to see if there is snow on the ground and even when there isn't, you can't really tell whether it's ice or just a puddle until its too late to avoid.
  15. Do it once to say you've done it. Then you'll have a story for the grand kids.


    Ah fuggit! Take the car. Snow sucks.
  16. Technically, snow IS ice! Avoid it at all costs.

    (That's a m8 of mine who was in front, I was behind him sliding down the road and hitting a snow pole with my knee - ACL gone, over a month on crutches...)
    (this was a freak sleet 'storm' in November btw)
  17. Bummer dude.

    Nice capture tho.

    I'm taking the car tomorrow.

    It was a bit chilly on the way to work this morning so I went out and bought a set of thermies, which I must say I look quite fetching in. A bit warmer on the way home.
  18. Before moving up here I was living in Ballarat, wife was looking at the forecasts and checking out her brother's faceplant status with the result being a high pitched squeal of horror - it snowed there... in the afternoon. I'm from Scotland originally and even I say fugg that!

    Buy a thermometer for outside the garage door, if it shows 4 degrees or lower you're in a fridge and it means it's time to take the car :LOL:
  19. Radio has black ice warnings for the Calder and Dandenongs