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Snow. When is it safe to ride the high country roads?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by clarkie, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Subject, Originally: Snow
    Subject, Moderated: Snow. When is it safe to ride the high country roads?

    When does snow start to melt and make safe riding up in the high country of Vic? Planning to do a 4 to 5 day ride up that way later in year.

  2. When it gets hot enough.

    Find some tourist info places up that way and call them.
  3. Black Ice just adds to the riding excitement, go riding up there, now.
  4. :WStupid:


  5. November. If you're lucky. October if you're VERY lucky.
  6. cup weekend is normally my first run of the after winter :)
  7. Stupid question but slightly on topic, does the great ocean road suffer from black ice much?
  8. Officially season ends end of september. If its a good season they will extend it. You aint getting through on a bike till minimum then. If its obvious that there is no chance of snow and its been a crap season, they may??? let you through earleir but you will still get charge the 28 smaskeroonies entrance fee this year I think it is.
  9. cause i am not going to be here this winter i will say no, next year it will again so stay away :LOL:
  10. I went to do a ride along the Reefton Spur last Sunday arvo. There was thick snow and after a while I decided to turn back for fear of ice (I didn't see any other bikes). What's the word re ice on that one? No snow on the road, but banked up everywhere else.

    (Gotta get that sidecar! Then, screw ice, greasy clay, mud, rain...bring it all on!)
  11. That's amazing! I was there the weekend before and the road surface was bloody good.

    Hush about the sidecar Matt - I'll believe it when i see it!
  12. The only thing that stands between me and it is cash...and a stripped layshaft, and the need of a highway-capable bike which I would want to set it up to. But the occasion will come - the fever has set in. Already a forum member from here has PM'd me with one at a nice price. To think I was blind to this higher evolution until now! I'm even thinking of a loan and of hooking it up to a XV250...!
  13. Work mate commented to me he encountered some ice around the Black Spur heading to Marysville this morning.

    Another work mate had a tree slide down the hill in front of him, luckily the 2nd vehicle behind him had a chain saw (standard kit up there at the moment I believe).
  14. Thanks guys
  15. He's luckier than the guy in the squashed car last week at Fernshaw :shock:

    We had snow through the Spur a few weeks ago for 24hrs, but that's about it. It's damn freakin' cold no matter how you look at it :shock: :?
  16. im heading down this way to explore (december/early january) surely the weather is good down there ?? im not going to need themals or anything?.... im from sydney
  17. coldest time of year in mehico bud i mean WTF?
  18. Roads are opened - you can ride them..
    Roads are closed - you can't...

    I like to keep it simple... :D
  19. It can and does snow in the high country at any time of the year,ask the residents of the ski resorts.Snows alright,its when it melts and then freezes
  20. 3rd August :D