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snow skiing

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Any one going up to Mt Buller on the weekends for a day trip skiing,
    I would like to go with you , Share the costs and driving,
    Unfortunately my Bird dont like the snow and I cant carry my ski's on my bike.
    I am upper intermediate,

  2. Soz but I'm with your "bird". I assume that your refering to your lady companion. Why would would I deliberately go out of my way to feel cold and pay $10 for a sh#t cup of coffee.??
  3. You ride a motorcycle but can't see the attraction of skiing?
  4. No. When I ride I'm in control of the situation. Being trapped in an overpriced ski resort is not my idea of fun.
  5. Different smokes for different blokes, mate.
  6. Quite right. When I ski, having had a fair amount of practice, I do feel in control and it's a fantastic, exhilirating thing to do. It is expensive, but I never stay at the resorts. I'm going in just over a week, staying at Jindabyne and driving into Thredbo daily for the slopes.

    I love skiing and it's worth the expense for me. There's much more to it than coldness and expensive coffee.

  7. +1
  8. Errrrrrr what?
  9. He rides a Blackbird, you idiot. :LOL:
  10. +1... I am solar powered!! :wink:
  11. Its rather like motorbike riding:
    - you have two main points of contact with terra firma
    - these points can be very slippery unless controlled properly
    - to turn you must lean in a precise and correct fashion.
    - twisties are fun
    - or you can cruise the long sweepers
    - if you run out of the right stuff below you, life turns messy very quickly.
    - ATGATT applies
    - it gives you the opportunity to get very cold and very wet.
    - it gives you that wind-in-the-face thrill.
    - the faster you go the higher your risk factor.
    - the enjoyment of a fast run properly executed is enormous
    - there are a squillion other users trying to crash into you at any opportunity
    - it gives you the better than average chance of a ride in the Air Ambulance
    - if you show-off you risk crashing spectacularly
    - mono's can be done by many, but survived by few.
    - there are slow zones where you can loose your transport for speeding.
    - there are many forums devoted to it, where you may even be able to discuss religion!

    - When it all comes together on a beautiful day it is a very exhillirating sport.

    this is just a few of the similarities...

    I love it.
  12. Motorcycles & snow skiing similar :rofl: [-X
  13. Bloody well said, sir!
  14. Riding my Blackbird is the same as skiing,
    One mistake and your history, Result = getting carted off in a meatwagon.
    I get wet and cold on my Blackbird if I dont wear the right gear for it.
    I ride in the rain, hail, wind and any thing else that happens along.
    I have all the cold protective gear, so I dont get wet or cold,
    I have skied in Japan, -30 celcius at 12 noon. Was I cold, No, I was sweating, I have good gear for the cold.
    On the ski fields there are no fun police, except in the slow zones. and thats like riding in a carpark, Who does that.
    Screaming down a slope with no speed limits, Pure happiness and madness all rolled into one.
    Same applies to both, the sudden stop can be fatal,
    It takes skill and experience to ski or to ride a Blackbird fast without coming unstuck.
    skiing might be super expensive, but if you weigh up the costs, so is riding a bike. Especially so when Mr plod takes your piccy or pulls you up.
    It appears that quite a few of you are fair weather riders, If it looks like rain, you stay home. Hahahahahahahahaha
    Sharing the cost of transport, to and from the ski fields makes it a lot less expensive and affordable.
  15. actually...this is true.

    apologies, can't be more descriptive. read a great paragraph/opinion on how both the aforementioned- i think rock climbing, as well- can be placed in the same category. for the life of me i can't remember it verbatim...something about concentration and whatnot...
  16. Initiating a turn skiing,starts with pushing out a hand and weighting a foot,sound familiar
  18. There has been a few good falls over the last few days ,will be great for the next few weeks ,hope it keeps coming.
    I'm going to Thredbo this year mid August ,normal swap Perisher ,thredbo each year ,also been to Hotham . :cool:

    Can't wait to pay $4200 for accomadation only for 7 nights.
    $1200 for lift tickets .
    $6 a beer x 100.
    $200 for entry.
    $200 for fuel.
    $50 for chain hire.
    $100 for +1 ski hire.
    $10 for shit coffee.
    $8 for a mars bar.
    And it get to freeze and get wet ....don't you love it. :LOL:
  19. Bar the expense, there is pretty much NOTHING :!: I dont luuurv about skiing. As Iv'e said at many a party at HQ and this rehashed thread, 22 years of riding and 30 odd years of skiing, give me a choice, 1 or the other, drop of a hat, no holes barred, choose skiing every single time.
    There are a few people on this site who have sacrificed work, friends, and thousands of dollars, just for a hit of that fresh white powder and I daren't say would do the same again. Donski immeadiately comes to mind, Doonks aint far off either.
    Next to sex and sky diving, for my money, IMO skiing is the best fun you can have on 2 legs :bannanabutt: