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Snow ride :)

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by lil, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Took a little ride this afternoon, to test out Jay's new toy :wink:

    My first time riding in snow...without incident, not too cold, but lots of learning!!




    All up, we did about 20kms :oops: Had a nice hot cup of tea at that junction before deciding that the snow was too slippy for us at this stage.

    I love living in the country!! If we were still in the city, we'd probably not have left the house!

  2. Haha, We ended up playing in the snow on the roadies in the blueys this afternoon. :D Had zero visibility for a while.
  3. KLR's...shmirna! :LOL:

    I am trying vainly to get my KLR ready for some late snow action, we had some within 30kms of here I could have played in today, so I am not jealous, not at all. :p

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Ha ha... good onya, Lil. Looks like you're both having fun :grin: . Congratulations to the man on his new toy :cool:

    I just stayed inside by the heater :oops:
  5. :shock: :eek: :cry:

    I'm sooo gonna come up soon ;)

    Now all I need to do is find out your address... :LOL:
  6. Went for a drive in the car to Marysville. Had a nice meal in Fragas in the main street, watching the snow fall. Lovely!

    Anyone else noticed just how much Stookie looks like Johnny Rea?
  7. I think you will notice how much johnny rea looks like stookie :p
  8. True, given their comparative ages! Mind you, have you checked where he is every other Sunday evening?
  9. Haha..awesome ride. Just a qucik question lil, where are you guys based?

    I'm at Eildon, just wondering if there is a faint hope that there is actually a Netrider nearish where i am.
  10. Thanks for posting the pics

    Snow riding, something else to add to the list of "Must Do's" :cool:
  11. There is hope Voodsy, We are in Narbethong. Jay is up Eildon way all the time.
    Im sure he would be happy to tag along with you on the weekends. He doesnt have anyone to play with up here :shock:
  12. Dont worry... I've offered to.. err... excersize your bike for you lil ;)
  13. Sooo thats what snow looks like :shock:

    Wish we had snow in Queensland instead of so much sunshine :p

    Seriously great pics,,, I really love regional Victoria,, I have memories of some of the nicest prettiest countryside in the whole of Australia. Would love to go back there one day.

    Confession : was born in Portland shhhh..... Lived in Melbourne when Mt Waverly was an outer suburb