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Snow chains

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gobbledegeek, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. I would like to be heading off to the mountains at every opportunity this Winter, should we get any white stuff, and was wondering whether there were snow chains available for bikes. This will sound like a dumb question if there's a simple mechanical or practical reason why there are not but I'm still very new to this biking malarkey....

  2. no there are not.

    Simple reason: the bumps you would experience would effectively mean that the bike is unrideable. And cars don't have to worry about slipping and falling over in snow and ice. Bikes do (and chains wouldn't stop from slipping well enough).
  3. Ahh, I thought there might be a simple reason, cheers.
  4. get some spiky tyres like in James bond movies :twisted:
  5. Your only chance is different tyres.
    eg. Dirt bike style rubbers.... though you'd also want the suspension...and the bike... hahaha.
  6. Yep, though whether or not you could get them to fit your bike might be an issue
  7. check if u can get some studded tyres the studs would be screw in and would only be good on deep snow and ice
  8. Living in a country where spike tyres are a reality rather than a fantasy, i must say that they are good for all driving/riding conditions! The only bad part about using them on dry roads is that the studs wear down quickly and also tear up the road.
    This past winter i have seen a number of enduro bikes and scooters fitted with spike tyres riding around in temps well below zero. One day it was even almost -20 degrees celsius and some idiot was out on his mopo (50cc enduro)!! Craziness, imagine the wind chill factor! :shock:
    Deep snow is one condition where not even the best spike tyres will help, you'd need something like a Hummer or a tank to get very far. Half a metre of the fluffy stuff is more than a match for most normal vehicles.
  9. The tolerances (gaps between the tyre and the rear swingarm, front fender, etc) on plenty of bikes wouldn't allow for chains to be fitted.

    Then there's the fact you'd have to fit them around your rims, imagine how your rims would look when you took the chains off after a few k's? Most bikes have nice looking wheels and most owners want them to stay nice looking.

    Then there'd be the bumpy ride others mentioned if you did manage to fit some.

  10. Hey Roy, I've heard they do ice racing (on bikes) over there... Is that a fact?
  11. Yup, it sure is. Ice Speedway is very popular in Russia and to a lesser extent, Finland. Haven't actually been myself cause most of the races are over in Russia or way out in woop woop. I think there are races in Germany, Sweden as well as former Soviet bloc countries. The lean angles they get are friggin incredible, talk about laying it flat! :shock:
    Alot of people put spike tyres on their mxers and ride on frozen lakes or snow filled tracks during winter. Mika Kallio is one high profile rider who does just that. I've even read about one guy who put spike tyres on a small road racer which he rides around a 'track' he plots out a frozen lake.
    The long cold dark winters make people do funny things!
  12. just ride there... the hard bit will be coming down a mountain.
  13. [​IMG]
    just gotta get set up like this guy and you'll be right :p
  14. ^

    i'm intrigued.

    any additional info on this? linky?