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SnoSeal & leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by flashfire, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Yesterday afternoon I coated my gloves and boots in SnoSeal. There is a waxy residue left over that I can't seem to get rid of though - making the gloves all sticky and I left the stuff all over my bf's bike's tank when we rode pillion last night.... any clues?

    Also, I'm awaiting delivery of full leathers - would anyone recommend/not recommend using SnoSeal on jacket & pants for any reasons?
  2. products like SnoSeal (and Dubbin) seep into the leather,
    discolour it, make it heavy, and too soft.

    personally i use NikWax on my SnowBoard Boots, MotorCycle Boots & Gloves.
    i works really well for waterproofing, only slightly discolours the leather,
    and most importantly the leather retains it properties.

    as for using NikWax on a full set of leathers, i'd recommend extreme caution.
    NikWax smells a bit for a couple of days after application,
    not too bad on a small area like boots and gloves,
    but across a full set of leathers, it may be a bit too much.
  3. Been using SnoSeal for years...after using it, the leathers/ boots/ gloves get "shined on" by moderate sunlight for a few hours out on the verandah to make the stuff soak in, a good rub-down after and all is fine.
  4. I would recommend nikwax also, great stuff & doesn't soften the leather... although if you are using snow seal make sure when you apply it you heat the cloth (with snoseal on it) in the microwave, then apply whilst warm - it helps seep into the leather and has better waterproofness. This may (or may not) also solve the 'greasy' problem...
  5. SnoSeal is da bom.

    I heated my leathers first with a hair dryer, then rubbed the product in, waited for it to cool then buffed off the excess.

    I had a pair of leathers for 8 years and I only threw them out coz the got too small to fit my gut in. Bloody food :) The were like new when I gave them the flick.
  6. I chuck the leathers into the tumble dryer for a few minutes (just to warm 'em a tad) and then lay on the Snoseal, while the leather is warm (NOT hot)
    as Vic says, let them cool and buff off....bewdiful
    If I am doing the gloves alone, they go into the oven for a minute or
    2..same result. Snoseal is the stuff to use

  7. sno seal works wonders on boots. chuck the boots in the oven for a while and when they're warm, rub the sno seal on like theres no tomorrow. once they've cooled and all the sno seals been absorbed, buff em a bit and you're good to go. make sure you keep reapplying though, or else it'll rain one day and you're clothesll leak! and not sure how to get it off the tank...rub it i guess?
  8. I actually only need to reapply once every 12 months.

    Took 2 hours to do the pants, gloves and boots.

    Thankfully it was only once a year.
  9. So you guys think it will be okay to use on my brand new very expensive custom made Tiger Angel jacket and pants? I would rather not have to carry a poxy RJays over-jacket in my pack everyday just in case it might rain...
  10. try a small out of the way patch and see what the result is. Depends on the color. Some colors don't take as well and may wash out with the attention. Most black jackets are fine.
  11. Email Tiger Angel and aske them what they recommend.
  12. Where can I get SnoSeal from? I used a silicon spray that I got from a camping store that also sells snow skiing stuff. I used it on my gloves.

    They lasted about 40 mins in consistant rain before they were saturated.

    So, if I can get something that actually works, that'd be great.
  13. From ski shops.

    I got mine from katmandu or someshit.

    If you have trouble finding it in the Valley, let me know and I can always send you some.
  14. Thanks. Will advise.
  15. I got mine from Rays Outdoor..the camping place
    or Snowzone in Moorabbin

  16. Actually, I think that there's a Ray's Outdoors near where my daughter lives in Narre Warren. I might get her to get me some when she's there next. She and her husband are keen skiers (the S-i-L is a snowboarder).
  17. Any good outdoor/ camping or hiking store stocks Sno-seal. It comes in 2 sizes I'm aware of, a tub or tube. This stuff is great, its a natural product so it wont rot your stitching like some other products do. A little goes a long way. Awesome stuff.