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Sno Seal and coloured leather.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bangalla, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Yes, it'll be fine.

  2. No, it'll discolour your jacket.

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  3. FFS, just man up and do it, who cares what your jacket looks like?

  1. Being the espresso sucking, Ducati riding poser that I am I've got myself a nice new red leather jacket. After feeling the improvement that Sno Seal made to my allegedly waterproof boots I'd like to use it on my new jacket too.

    However, being an espresso sucking, Ducati riding poser I'm concerned about discolouring the leather. Seeing as there isn't any part of the jacket that's inconspicuous to test the Sno Seal on I'm hoping to tap the knowledge and experience of my fellow netriders.

    So people, what are your experiences with Sno Seal and coloured leather?
  2. products like SnoSeal (and Dubbin) seep into the leather,
    discolour it, make it heavy, and too soft.

    i use NikWax on my MotorCycle/SnowBoard Boots & Gloves.
    it works really well for waterproofing, only slightly discolours the leather,
    and most importantly the leather retains it properties.

    NikWax smells a bit for a couple of days after application,
    but the smell will go away.

    do a Search on; NikWax, Dubbin, SnoSeal and Sno Seal,
    for other opions.

    i have used all three and imho NikWax is a superior product.