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*sniff* *sob*

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. It's a very very sad day indeed today.

    The "Godfather of Soul" the Greatest man, James Brown has sadly passed away.

    RIP James, you will be missed

  2. So, he doesn't "feel so good" anymore? :shock:
  3. [​IMG]

    A legend indeed. RIP. Will always be remembered, for me especially your role in the Blues Brothers as Reverend Cleophus James
  4. RIP James Brown: An Original Funk Soul Brother. :cool:
  5. The Sex Machine has broken down.


    Sad day.

    RIP funky bro.

    I've had a lot of fun playing some of his music to punters.
  6. Sorry to seem out of step, but I have never been able to understand the white American community's fascination with black music, there is just no musical or social connection between the two :? .
  7. He took gospel to the people & made it RnB. He wrote social & political lyrics that educated any listener, with rythms that were so infectious you cldn't help but move. In fact it was James Brown's moves that influenced Micheal Jackson & Prince to do what they do. He made it cool to be black, to the Godfather of Soul R.I.P :cry:
  8. Just happened to catch JB in that on the tele the other night - certainly was a great performance & a damn good movie to boot :)
  9. Oh I dunno - soul and passion? Paying homage to the influence it has had on most forms of popular music, including the crap that passes for much of modern pop music? 'Fascination' makes black music sound like a circus freak show or a museum piece. The musical connection between 'our' music and black music is perhaps stronger than any other! Go to a gathering with a white gospel choir, and compare it to a black one. Both will 'move' you, but I know which one I'd rather (and guaranteed to be) moved by.

    Social connection. Black music is one of the ways to bring people together and hopefully gain a better understanding of each other, and perhaps one of the few available to black to get some respect which they belatedly and thoroughly deserve.

    RIP JB - only saw you once, but have never forgotten it. Having seen Blues Brothers on TV the other night for the 1234th time was a lovely tribute to a a man who didn't so much as look for a light of opportunity as light the friggin thing himself :cry:
  10. **sniff* *sob** indeed.
    Nothing like putting on a James Brown track to funk up the partay.

    "Jump back! I'm gonna kiss myself... Waaaaaaaaohh"
  11. Imagine the Black Heaven Super Group now - James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Miles Davis, Ruth Brown, Ray Charles, Hendrix, Marvin Gaye etc etc etc....
  12. :grin: i hope they are still playing when we eventually get there :grin:
    ohhh i can hear them grooovvveeennn too the muuuuziccccc

    Rip J B
  13. +1 :(
  14. Stealing clothes out of cars - 3yrs
    1978 Defied Court Order to stay in the U.S - 3 days
    1986 Speeding & attempting to elude Officers
    1987 Assault with Intent to kill beating his wife with a pipe & shot into her car
    1988 Two-state car chase back & forth across the Georgia-South Carolina border
    1988 Drug & Assault charges, carrying unlicensed pistol, carrying deadly weapon in public, Driving while intoxicated - Sentenced 6yrs
    1995 Allegedly battered his (4th) wife/backup singer. Tommie Rae denied it saying she accidently hit a mirror.
    Charges were dropped.
    2004 Domestic violence
    2005 Lawsuit by Jacque Hollander who claims being r*ped at gunpoint

    Godfather of Soul, pioneer of funk and the rhythmic backbone of hip-hop liked being addressed as Mr Brown.

    RIP Mr Brown.
  15. Lucky enough to see him early this year.

    Great showman, underrated musician and arranger.

    BUT he was a bit of a prick.
  16. RIP a great man.

    he did alot for his people.

    will be missed by millions.
  17. Will admit the man had talent, but I never got his music, and the whole fall down put the cape on thing ...... more gimmicky than Michael Jackson ..... but he does join some talented people, Jerry Garcia, Tim & Jeff Buckley, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Marc Bolan, George Harrison ........ what a gig that would be .. :cool: :cool:
  18. Had the pleasure of seeing him play at Selinas at the Coogee Bay Hotel in the very late 80s. Amazing.

    RIP James Brown.