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*sniff* *sniff* *burning smell* *boom*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Thats the noise my PC just made.

    It appears that the fan on the power supply siezed up and the PS over heated and decided that enough was enough and it blew up.

    Now to find an old ATX power supply :(

  2. sucks arse :(
    goodluck, hope someone here can help you out or something...
  3. I retired my last powersupply before i killed it.
    I was pushing the poor thing so hard i could hear the capacitors squealing - although that's kinda common for a yum-cha psu.

    Running a 480w Antec now and it's decent. No more sqealing caps thats for sure.
  4. This was a 350W codegen 2.03 ATX

    The same one costs $35, I cant believe the fan shat itself :evil:
  5. Fans on cheap power supplies are a commen problem.

    For non overclocked systems without huge numbers of accessories something like an Antec 350w supply will do well.

    For a monster gaming system something like the Antec 480W mentioned earlier in the thread is hard to beat.
  6. Codegen lower spec power supplies aren't to be trusted.
    I had a customer's machine many years ago that had a 300w Codegen that bit the dust (well overheated and burnt from too much dust and a failed fan) that also took out the motherboard. (I used to use a Codegen dual-fan 450w as a test bench PSU, but sold it to a desperate mate... it stood the test of time even with both fans @6v to quieten it down.)

    You'll find plenty of cheapies out there for sub-$50. If your anywhere near any of the MSY stores (dodgey but cheap), then they'll be able to hook you up with a Thermaltake 400w for $40. Whilst their certainly not a high-quality powersupply... they have a better reputation than the Codegen ones.

    If your feeling like splashing out, they've got Antec 430w ones for $99; or the cheapest end of the spectrum theres cheap & nasty SHAW ones for $32.
  7. Blown PSUs are pretty common - especially if you live near me, and don't run a UPS. They're cheap enough to replace, but you've just gotta hope nothing else was damaged in the process. Typically, the HDD will be the first to take a hit, maybe a bad sector or two, nothing serious. Then there's the RAM, mobo... even seen a CD drive go boom once the new PSU was plugged in.

    Depending on the life expectancy of the machine, might be good to pick up another cheapie - no point going all out if you're not keeping it. That said, if you're a system builder, buy a good one and take it to your next PC. ;)
  8. oh good god... what the hell do I have in my machine... I payed $28 and it is a 450W!!!
  9. Be aware that the wattage rating on cheap power supplies is often very misleading.

    The capacity of the various rails on the supplies is often well under that needed to support the watt rating.

    Having said that... 300 watts is plenty for a basic machine so even if your cheap 450 watt supply can't deliver 450 it can almost certainly deliver more than your machine needs.

    The problem is more often bad capacitors or dodgy fans...
  10. Bah, $35 for another codegen PSU.

    Nothing else took a hit, its all working again.

    Walked in said, "gimmie a 350W PSU to run a PIII 933"

    He hands me one identicle to what was in mine.

    Works for me.

    One day George Adams is going to buy me a Mac :)