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Sniff out a motorbike model before I see it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. They are not the only parallel twin around. They been around for decades, but in today world, prob all around Australia. There is that very particular exhaust note……changing up at close to full revs then you look around (if you are on your pushbike or walking around) and its 9 times out of 10…..a Ninja rider with a L plate.

    Air cooled Harleys are easy, but the VRod has another very distinctive note. the M109 has its own note. R1 has its own note.

    Does that make me an enthusiast, if I can sniff out a mbike model before I see it?
  2. I've got some clown on a black ninja 250/300 with pipe on screams up my damn street every day in ringwood.
  3. And the problem is...:cat: I lurve my yoshi pipe oh and my weenie ninj!
  4. Young bloke, one of my trainers actually, rides a VTR with a hot (but cheap) pipe on it. No mistaking THAT sound!
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  5. I'll second that!!
    But not so young and Stainys ain't cheap
  6. Problem is it sounds like a sewing machine :finger:
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  7. V-twin sounds 100X better than parallel twin.
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  8. The answer is obvious....stop him, tell him it sounds like shit and he needs to take the restrictor out of the tail pipe.
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  9. If I had a 250 p twin I wouldn't bother wasting 400 bucks or whatever on a pipe for it. They sound ridiculous, and not In a good way.
    Ah I guess for safety reasons it's worth it.
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  10. so.. you're saying there's heaps of new people getting on bikes? :D awesome!

    or... that 9 out of 10 people with no taste are noobs with Ebay exhausts? :D
  11. No matter what you do to the ninja, it will always sounds shit.
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  12. My little ninj sounds very tasty with her yoshi and even better in the tunnels!:cat:
    And what indeed does shit sound like other than a big sigh of relief?
    What sort of sewing machine...a husqvarna?
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  13. Like anything it is subjective. But I for one think 250 ptwins sound dumb. But it's good to be loud anyway I guess.
  14. Loud is good!
    The stock pipe on the ninj was seriously almost inaudible -now with the yoshi I am pretty hard to miss and as a poob I like that...oh and the fact I am built like a brick shithouse maybe helps as well lol!:cat:
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  15. First time you have to work on carbies, the smart money is on hoiking the air box as far as it will go and replacing with a pod filter. Much better sound than exhaust, but still the grating p2 sound. Traveling behind one of them nuda 900 I think, still that p2 sound just louder. Was actually fooled by the mt07, thought that was a v twin when I heard it.

    Not at all hard to change the sound of the exhaust, just needs asymmetrical headers a. la. Subies boxer engines.
  16. Wow, Thats different Old maid, A Female Brick Shithouse that rides a bike,, Hahahahaha
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  17. deadmandeadman it works for me! Although now I always, always wear lipstick ever since a man with 2 little girls that I had stopped to let cross the road, said to the littlies say thank you to the nice man on the motorbike. Yep, maybe they will say the funny man with lipstick instead? Lol!:cat:
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  18. No comment on the sound of my bike, but I figure why put a nice sounding exhaust on it if I don't intend keeping it once on my fulls?? Just my opinion
  19. I hear you but I caught the mod bug...I had to do it! But the original was very very quiet...no one could hear me pull in the driveway...now they hear me 2 streets away!
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  20. Have you ever heard a ktm 390 exhaust lol