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Sneydes Road Vs Point Cook Road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Funkmonkey, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Thankyou Asian lady in Corolla who didnt even brake to turn onto Point Cook Road on my way home from Uni this afternoon after looking at me doing 70km/h and thinking i would slow down for you. Thankyou even more for not even acknowledging me when i was right next to you with the horn blaring after being forced onto wrong side of the road and was giving you the USE YOUR EYES sign. Next time ill just kick your window in, maybe that would get the point across.


  2. There has been a few twats out west more recently, I'm noticing.
  3. Don't try it. Her window won't break, and you'll fall off ya bike.
    She calls for ambo's. Police come to. Questions. How?. Everyone laughs their arsks off. You?...tool.
  4. Yeah that would be the likely outcome. FML.
    Kind of an amusing image tho, id pay to see that happen to someone else :p
  5. Hehe...me to LOL
    i'm glad you realized that i was just having fun with it.
    I know you were only venting.

    I've lost count of the number of times, i wished i could throw a weary old leg up that high to give them a boot rhrough the open window! ;)
  6. [​IMG]

    failing that

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  7. That first one available from any melbourne bus for the price of a bus ticket.
  8. first one is an emergency tool used to 'break windows' and slice seat belts I believe, would have been a handy item at the time? lol Nothing worse when motorists do that to you, and those that ignore you, grrrr..
  9. automatic centrepunch. maybe $10 from bunnings
    figuring out how to mount it to your glove is another issue.....
  10. I dont know whats worse, when they look at you and give you the finger, or when they just completely ignore you. Both rile me up pretty good.
  11. Pocket Full Of Spark Plugs Should Work A Treat!
  12. Asian 'ladies' are particularly notorious for their lack of driving skills and general awareness. I have found this tool to be quite effective at waking them up and/or running them off the road, saving the rest of us motorists.
  13. Be very careful with that... remember, you have a nice little identifier just below your brake light, and I've seen people taken before the courts for something similar to the above. No matter what the driver did wrong, you can't prove it (without a cam or witnesses)... they can easily show a dent to the po po and have you charged.
  14. i've got one of those sitting idle in my shed coz it's too frikkin big to fit under my fairings..... i'm hangin to make use of it but it's just not likely to happen
  15. Fingers worse that means come and get me,we are talking about cars injuring us through ignorance or selfishness,its not a joke its real so please stand up for yourself if you can or just leave it too those who will,but before you do make sure its %100 their fault,then unleash us much damage as you can upon,it helps if its done out of public view so no interference wil occur or proof.
  16. Can it be mounted over the fairings?
  17. can yes, but looks like shit. and i'm an all-weather rider so it'd die pretty quickly
  18. Mount the horn with the opening facing downwards, and it should be fine. The idea is to ensure that if water enters, it can drain out.

    Did it come with the 30A relay and wiring kit?

    Mine has survived for almost a year with no problems, and others have fared just as well.
  19. yahuh.
    might give it a crack....
    then of course, i'd have to blast it at random bystanders for shits n giggles...
  20. Kinda like these guys?