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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RobE, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Sneezing in a helmet has totally lost its novelty; especially since I also wear glasses. Yuck!

    Coughing in a helmet on a cold morning is only slightly less worse.

    I am so over having this bug. It’s driving the wagon for me until I get better. :roll:
  2. I know nothing about spewing inside helmets, I swear.
  3. Get a face mask :grin:
  4. Flip face lids FTW!
  5. Lol, it's the worst is when you get something like an allergic reaction - the surprise makes it so much more fun :)
  6. I gotta ask, isnt coughing & sneezing while on the bike a bit risky? A big sneeze or more so a coughing fit could really upset your day.. um bike .. couldnt it? Havent tried it yet but I guess I will be :cry:

  7. There will be experiences that others have had that I really hope I don't get to experience - this is #1
  8. Between the two of you - too right!
  9. i am so NOT wanting to sneeze in my helmet, that before i go for any big ride, i take an antihistamine (non sedating) as prophylaxis.
  10. There is an abundance of pussy in this thread, albeit the wrong kind.
  11. There once was a thread about sneezing,
    It had good ol devotard wheezing.
    He was amazed by the fact,
    That his fellow Netriders had small sacks,
    And all he could do was keep teasing.
  12. :rofl:

    Sneezing isn't so bad, particularly if it's not a 'wet sneeze'. :shock: :grin:
  13. sneezing sucks.
    my sneezes come on suddenly with no warning.
    so i only get my lid open about 70% of the time.
    the rest of the time i need to pull over & clean....

    thank god for flu shots.
  14. we must be running out of topics, what next farting??? :)
  15. i've converted and now totally agree with this.
  16. WHAT - in your helmet - you sick puppy :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Bad morning breath? How else you your breath smell like arse? :shock:
  18. Guru keeps penning these verses
    On subjects from horses to hearses
    But his third and fourth lines
    So I read them and mutter and curse