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Sneezing - toast.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. ok, I have a slightly hyper sense of smell, I can usually smell things a lot of other people can't. Good and bad - mostly confusing.

    Why is it when I sneeze in my helmet, it smells like toast every time?

    (I rarely eat toast, let alone before those events of sneezing in my helmet).

  2. Childhood accident. Talk to your mum. You have a piece of toast wedged up your nose, hence the smell and your aversion to toast.
  3. Do you smoke or are you often exposed to toxic fumes?
  4. neither of the above...

    no toast ibast, checked...

    found a crayon...

    nah I'm serious, anyone else noticed this??
  5. Dr Carl rabbits on about why sneezes smell. Check out the tripple J site.
  6. ..Do you have any sinus probs??.. or tooth probs??
  7. i like toast :D
  8. Sounds like tostus nasalitis. Had it once. But I got better...
  9. I like how one of the tags is "1/8th orgasm" and then "ATGATT"
  10. mine just smells like snot
  11. Yeast infection?
  12. What does snot smell like?

    Brownyy, I believe you have Synesthesia & you're either touching, hearing or looking at toast when you sneeze. Simple.
  13. But as mentioned, its only when I sneeze in my helmet, which is 99% of the time when I'm riding (1% when I'm taking it off). So i doubt I'm touching toast, sure as hell can't hear toast (at least on a bike), and looking, nope, see no toast...

    Maybe my snot smells like toast... which would support ibast's theory of toast jammed in my nose from childhood, but by now, it would be rotten dead toast, not freshly toasted toast.

    ya see...??

    Maybe when I sneeze next, I'll get other people to smell it...?
  14. What an unusual condition to bring up!

    Both myself and my mother have mild synesthesia, it does not involve olfactory sensation so much as an association of colours and sounds (to my knowledge).

    i.e. Footsteps are silver, shouting is red/orange and so on.

    It is a condition designed primarily to make you a bit loopy :D
  15. I've always wanted to hear purple for some reason, go figure.
  16. Yes, but I can see that it would also save on expenditure on hallucinogenics :D.
  17. I've got that to a small degree. Just looking at pictures of certain people invokes a sense of bad smell. I've come to just call them 'smelly people'.
  18. with me its french fries but that dont make no sense now does it - "Gutterboy" - The Wraith
  19. maybe it's a tumour
  20. maybe powdered toast man lives up your nose ?