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NSW Sneaky police presence on the Old Road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by browny, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I have recently been doing a few runs up the Old road and have noticed a shift in the policing, now this may be old news but I have noticed a couple of unmarked vehicles with incredibly dark tint (no way can it be 'legal') and also these vehicles now have premium plates (i.e. the small black and white plates, not the standard large Yellow and Black).

    I have noticed them parking up in road stops and especially in Cowan, looking like a couple of tourists...

    I for one have never before seen a HWP vehicle with premium plates and new very short aerials on the back.... are there a few of these out? The one I spotted yesterday was a gunmetal grey ford, trying very much to look like a tourist.

    FYI The surface of the Old Road is great at the moment to!
  2. The only way you can pick them is looking through the windscreen and seeing all the gear on the dash,and your way close by then.
  3. Thanks for the move, sorry i wasn't sure where to post
  4. As a general rule, any post about Policing goes into the Politics thread. At least you didn't do what some loonies do and post about Police presence under Hazardous Conditions :LOL:
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  5. Thanks for the info on the pricks mate, will keep an eye out for sure. Here is a list of unmarked cars working around the gosford area

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  6. Mate thats great!
    I didn't get a chance to get the rego but will try to next time. Also a mate just told me there is a green SS Ute up there too pulled over a fair few as well.
  7. Anyone know who was taking photos last Saturday?

    Was my first time there so did a few laps. Keen to see some photos from the guys.

    I've already checked a few people out but none from the Saturday.

  8. NSW Police, at least
  9. Sunday was oldroadphotographer.com doesn't help who had a blat on Saturday though. @browny@browny was right, the surface was perfect!
    Anyone do the Yamaha test ride day at Jerries on the way to Wollombi?
  10. I know this is slighty OT, but the mention of unmarked cop cars reminded me of this photo I took ten years ago, next to Central Station, in Sydney.

    A fully marked police car and I still didn't actually believe it.

  11. The way that they outfit these new unmarked cars is scary.
    No more checking for a long aerial.

    New comms aerial is on the off-side in the pics. (Look above the fuel filler cap)
    Lights are smaller and more difficult to see.

    Of note is that the radar equipment is behind the windscreen on the dash, not hanging above the driver's door, almost invisible. (Though not shown in these pics)

    uploadfromtaptalk1411849346966. uploadfromtaptalk1411849381049.
  12. Not to mention, they removed any markings from the front of marked HWP cars, with the tiny little clear lights on top they are nearly invisible in the mirror or front on