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Sneaky Mobile Speed Camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pvda, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. I had to drive to Buchan & back yesterday (all 820km's) in a company wagon and passed 3 speed cameras on the highway over the course of the day.

    They usually aint hard to spot but one was a reasonably new Commodore wagon outbound near Bunyip and the thing which nearly made me not slow down was the fact it was parked with the left indicator on so it looked like it was pulled over checking the map or something :evil:

    Suffice to say I didn't get done but cruise control is certainly a revenue saver on long trips like this.

    It was a long drive but at least there was 10km of twisty gravel on a small detour on the way back to make it interesting :wink: the downside was I had to wash the car when I got back to suburbia :grin:
  2. God Bless gravel, 4 wheels, and rear-wheel drive.

    Fun factor = 8.4

    I treat every new-ish white car by the side of the road as a cop car.
    Can't be too careful these days... wot with the police ossifers and the terrorists and the crypto-speridians and the fire ants etc.
  3. Cryptosperidians! :LOL:

    Didn't that game come and go in a hurry!

    I've noticed all manner of new non-sedan type cars being used as mobile speed cameras... any car on the side of the road is suspect now.

    Oh and for Westgate fwy users in Melbourne, there's an unmarked blue XR8 police car that cruises the fwy from time to timel... and it sometimes hides just behind the Kororoit ck rd off ramp city bound...


  4. And just think, you've got four more years for Mr Bracks to devise yet more ways of milking cash from the motoring public of Victoria :cry:
  5. More like 9.5, especially when it's a fleet pool car :grin:

    Treat any 4 or less year old vehicle as if it's a camera. I've seen a "Q" rego'ed Comode wagon on Taylors Rd St Albans a few times in the last 6 months which would make it over 5 years old and the car yesterday was silver or a similar colour.

    The local TMU are using a Commodore Wagon as their unmarked traffic unit at present around Keilor/St Albans and I read in todays paper that the Ring Rd cameras are not far off being switched back on again :evil:

    As for Bracks, do you really think the Lib's will deny themselves the financial windfall if they are ever put back into power :roll:
  6. In Sydney, any car can be a cop now. They're now using impounded vehicles! WRX's, Outbacks, Liberty's, you name it. I had my last firearms inspection done by a detective in a BMW 4WD. He said it's a real shit fight at the start of the shift to get that one for the day!
  7. Yeah, I don't even want to think about what new speed trap techniques and reduced speed limits we'll be facing. And they wonder why we're cynical.... :( :evil: :(
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Ive noticed the use everything from little toyotas to magnas what ever around sydney. I try to look at the driver every time i get sus and see if hes wearing a blue shirt b4 i spped past.
  9. I've seen someone get pulled over on a small very quiet side street which really only gets usd by people who live there, by an unmarked falcon. The copper had put a normal shirt over th top of his blue so that yo couldn't see he was a cop.

    Also, I got pulled over by cops on yellow trail bikes in sydney. I'm pretty sure they don't have any semis yet, but give them some time...
  10. Wouldn't surprise me. Also, I've seen those dirtbikes around, there's 25 of them in Sydney, DR650's. I know for sure there are at least 2 at Malabar.
  11. [quote="Matchstick01Also, I got pulled over by cops on yellow trail bikes in sydney. I'm pretty sure they don't have any semis yet, but give them some time...[/quote]

    Pity that the cops don't push the same amount of resources into more urgent areas of policing, starting with drugs.

    Or if they spent as much time and effort on say, health and education, and vocational training, we might be able to avoid a crisis a few years down the track.
  14. speed detection

    another tip is to look the drivers over who are on the road.. some unmarked cars have extra lights sitting just on the rear parcel shelf and some of the drivers wear uniforms. your having a bad day if you get a car without these lights and no uniform.
  15. Re: speed detection

    It happens. In Adelaide I was driving a narrow back street when a car coming the other way hogged most of the road and sent me up the gutter scratching the hell out of the rim. So I honked, yelled and extended my middle digit in a very prominent fashion. Got another 200m down the road and pulled into a servo only to have this car block me in and a man and a woman get out, wearing jeans and T-shirts but each putting on a belt with cuffs, radio, gun etc.... The bloke identifies himself as undercover police and starts having a go while his partner is shining her torch into my car looking for stuff that shouldn't be there! Conversation went:
    Cop: OOUUIII! Do you always go around abusing other drivers and road raging?!
    Me: Not usually, but almost always when someone has almost run me off the road.
    Cop:.(with that look of realising he may have deserved it).........Licence thanks.....(reads it).....You in the RAAF?
    Me: Yep.
    Cop:.(with that look of maybe this bloke doesn't deserve to be hassled)......Well maybe you should just be a bit careful who you are hurling abusing at in future, especially in this neighbourhood.
    Me: I do live here.
    Cop: Right...well....(walks back to his car).
  16. Goes to show the Victorian Public isn't just self absorbed and actually vote on things that really concern them like Health and Education and employment.
    Speed where you need to Slow down where you need to and you wont get caught.
  17. Liberal, Labour, same shit. People don't seem to realise that they are both on the same side. The government will take as much as they can, leaving just enough to stop a public uprising. I don't see that changing do matter who you vote for.

    It's the best scam in the world. :wink:
  18. I got done by an OLD Sigma wagon at the Bunyp River Bridge just on 12 months ago. Agree cruise control does cut down the tax!
  19. A sigma wagon?

    He must have been driving his own personal car!!!
  20. I've heard a rumour that the anti-speeding campaigns waged by the various governments are actually being too successful, and that revenue is dropping off as a result. This story is (admittedly) hard to verify but was told to me by a public servant who had no real reason to bullshit me.

    Anyone else heard stories like this? :-k