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sneaky early upgrades and insurance issues

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by outtalive, May 29, 2005.

  1. This topic has been touched on before, the legal issues of upgrading beyond a 250cc bike whilst still on restrictions in Victoria.
    Obviously doing this would void your 3rd party propert damage but can you still insure a higher capacity bike against theft?

  2. Probably, but most companies ask if you are licenced to ride the bike being insured. If that isn't in your policy, then you could conceivably claim without any trouble. Having said this, I'd be patient and not put the theory to the test. Insurance companies love finding any excuse not to pay out on policies.
  3. There is one company that does insurance against theft as long as the bike is unregistered. I assume that they see it as you cant ride it whilst not registered. Other than that no one will cover you. Which i think is wrong, you should at least be able to get covered against theft. And trhen its your own risk if something happens whilst riding..
  4. No .. no insurance company will touch you for anything, and have a very easy out if you try to make a claim for anything at all.
  5. I always thought any insurance company will insure any thing... you just have to pay extra... LOL i remember my friends face when he found out his car was not insured as he was under 25 and had turbo charger in the car... Finaly he found some one who would insure the car/him but he had to pay $3000 a year and if he made a clame had to pay another $2000... lol the car was valued only at $5000 any way...
  6. By all accounts it sounds pretty messy, I guess the only way around would be to have the bike garaged and cover it under home and contents?

    P.s. a question for the admins: Why was this thread shifted from politics, laws and safety and into general discussion? It's a pain in the a$$ to find topics when they keep getting shuffled around. Sure, sometimes I've put something in the wrong category but this is just nitpicking.