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Sneaky cops

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Billsy, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. A while ago whilst riding down Old Cleveland road Carindale I spotted a cop with a radar (no car) hiding behind a telegraph pole. I just seen him step out from behind as i rode past. Cracks me up. :LOL:

  2. I've done it in plain clothes as well as dressed up as a road worker!
  3. You sho shneaky!
  4. Whats a "telegraph" pole?
  5. They're what we had in this country before we sold out to the Americans. As part of the price, our kids have to wear baseball caps on back-to-front and listen to (c)rap negro music and telegraph poles have to be called light poles.
  6. Telegraph poles carried the telegraph lines....long before telephones, and telephone lines. Don't you remember that Paul? :p
  7. Sp you've done it dressed as a road worker, huh? What about as an Indian chief, or a sailor or a cowboy? (you've already done it dressed as a cop, no doubt)

    Do you miss the jodhpurs that the TOGies used to wear???

  8. I'm yet to complete the whole set of the village people!!!

    I'm a bit worried about the construction worker one though! I don't think I'll look too good in those shorts :LOL:
  9. Well, to be pedantic, since they no longer carry telegraph lines but still carry lights, "light poles" is probably the most accurate description (especially where all the utilities are underground) :p
  10. Depends on the owner.

    If Telstra owns it it would be a telephone pole,
    if the Electrical supply company owns it it would be a power pole,
    if the tramways own it........

    Mind you I've seen power poles swapped out and turned into mobile phone poles by the telco undergrounding the electrical services it had on it and then replacing the pole for one with antenna's on top of it.
  11. They are Telegraph poles. Get over it.

    As to the filth hiding behind one, I don't mind that, so much as the fact they do it somewhere where a speed limit has been set too low in the first place or where the road has a downhill section.

    Cops that do that should feel dirty at the end of their shift. They are a waste of taxpayers money and oxygen.
  12. They are actually a "utility" pole with legislated access for all the above. Councils hate them because the utilities use them rent free.
  13. lol...i mean if I were to be caught hiding behind a pole with a camera i would probably be jailed for 10 years :LOL:
  14. then again he coulda been just taking a leak :wink:
  15. Not as sneaky as a speed camera behind a bridge.
  16. Your choice......... :wink:
  17. You guys are all wrong, they're called 'Stobie' poles :wink:

    "A Stobie pole is a power line pole made of two steel joists held apart by a slab of concrete in the middle. It was invented by Adelaide Electricity Supply Company design engineer, James Cyril Stobie (1895-1953). He used the materials easily at hand due to the shortage of timber caused by the arid and treeless nature of much of South Australia. His invention of two spare pieces of railway track bolted together with cement in the middle was patented in 1924."

    As to a copper hiding behind one...how's he going to catch you for speeding if he's in plain sight, and you slow down before he has a chance to check your speed? If you don't want to get pinged by a cop for speeding, don't speed...pretty simple really. :wink:
  18. Purely native to South Australia. And bloody dangerous things they are too. I had long arguments about those bloody things with a mate of mine who was State Distribution Manager for the Electricity Trust (ETSA) some years ago. :evil: