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Sneaky cops, what else do they have.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by outactrl, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Cruising into work this morning, and as normal, the Calder Freeway was backed up to near the Taylors Lakes overpass.
    So, doing the normal, just cruising down the center of the traffic, i spotted a car that was parked on the center grass area of the road talking to a guy on a bike.
    So, just to be safe i pulled in behind the closest car until i passed the two of them.
    Lucky i did as it turned out to be a bike copper on a Reddish/Marone BMW!!!
    Sneaky little bugger.

    About a week ago i saw a white 4x4 undercover that pulled over a guy on a CBR as well.
    Why couldn’t they just stick to Fords and Commodores with the red and blue lights on the parcel shelf..
    Yeah yeah i know, some of you out there are saying, "if you don’t do anything wrong, and don’t ride like an idiot, you have nothing to worry about."
    But different cops believe different things. (Plus if I can fit a small bike down a big hole, sorry, but I'm going in baby.)

    I asked a bike cop one day.
    "Traffic is backed up, traffic is standing still, Can i cruise down the center"
    His answer "yes, as long as you don’t go over 20Kms"

    I asked another traffic cop the same question and I got a definite NO.

    So we have two things
    1. they are sneaky and
    2. They don’t know what they are doing.

    Just my two Cents..
  2. don't know how many red/maroon Bimmers the plod have
    but there was one cruising up and down Hampton St Hampton/Brighton
    on Saturday morning
    upsetting the Mums in their 4WD's ...double parking and doing illegal U-turns as usual :D
    at least the rider was in police leathers, even if the bike was not marked
    (the red and blues are hidden under the rear Givi box and under the front fairing..but are VERY visible when switched on)
    oh...and the siren is hard to ignore.... :shock:

  3. You are not allowed to pass a vehicle on the left.
    You are however allowed to pass it on the right.

    So, If you stay to the right on the vehicle and you do not cross to the right hand side of the white line you are ok to split providing you indicate.

    Crossing into the next lane whilst splitting puts you to the left of the vehicle on your right making it an illegal pass.
    20km/h? pffttt you can run faster than that.
    You should always split at a safe speed.

    And yes, sometimes it is safe to do it at 100km/h :p
  4. I heard about ten years ago that south of Sydney somewhere along the coast there was an unmarked police car that was a combi van with a surfboard on the roof.

    Never got verification on this though. :D :D
  5. 1975 Liverpool NSW traffic cops had a yellow Monaro with a 'board bolted on the roof rack - saw it with mine own eyes.
  6. we got coppers in wrx's cruzin around over here in the west, sometimes they like to trick people into races just so they can book em.
    i've heard from a copper my bro knows (unofficially) you can pass a car permitting you dont exceed the limit an stay within your lane(not crossing the line even if broken) would like to know 'Officially' what is the legal allowance for such actions
  7. the one i hate is when they sit over the crest of a hill. you accelerate up the hill, or build up revs to maintain your speed. if you dont slow or reduce engine speed, you accelerate as soon as you hit the crest, and the coppas nab you at the bottom of the hill.

  8. This reminds me of when I got booked once :LOL:

    I was driving this heap of shat car and the road went from like 110 to 50 half way up this really steep hill. When I got to the top a copper pulls me over and said I was speeding at the start of the 50 section. I explained that if I hadn’t of got a run-up, I wouldn’t have made it to the top…..he still booked me though, these cops have no sense of humor :roll:

  9. Back in about 87-88 I saw a guy get pulled over by a brown Kingswood.... Lights (Chunky things on the rear parcel shelf), sirens and all... I wouldnt have believed it either except the guy he had pulled over shot passed us (traveling in the family van) at a fair rate to dissappear into the distance then about 10 mins up the road I saw the flashing lights and the brown Kings wood it was connected to.!!!
  10. The boys up here have a lowerd, green SS Commodore ute!
    Very sneaky if you ask me :D, but it must be fun to drive :LOL:
  11. I wonder if they book rally cars driving to the next stage? ive heard of those guys running late and doing up to 150km/h along roads to the next stage... but i never heard of any of them getting caught :?

    anyone in WA care to confirm/deny this? i know the rally of australia was on last week... any reports?

  12. Hah, hows about an undercover Hyundai Sonata.
    Its true, friend of mine got spotted by it (thatl learn him for stealing a slab of coke from a coke truck lol) lights and all the whole kit and caboodle. It was blue by the way :)
  13. Oh yes. It happens.. Not sure about here (although I wouldn't be surprised), but I know it's happened in Wales before..

    Here's a link (just quickly googled it up - there are many others)..

    On the topic of undercovers, in SA we have:

    - A dark Toyota Landcruiser (late model) with no visible police markings, but uniformed Cops cruise around in it.
    - A late model VW Transporter in white with no markings (but there is/are also one/some with markings).
    - The ubiquitous Falcadores with rear louvres and little lights on the pillars with big fat cops driving 'em (they're not all fat, but it's a fair generalisation :LOL: ). Seen heaps of these around lately. Bastards!
    - Some unmarked BMW cop bikes (I think they are the R1100s they use for normal cop bikes but they're blue and the cop is in full police leathers)..

    Anyone know of any more in SA?
  14. i've only heard of 1 instance of a rally driver bein pulled up by the police farce a few yrs back but when ya doin 160 around a corner marked 45 an ya barely miss the fully decked cop car what ya expect :LOL:
    outside this ive heard nuttin at all they usually stick 'close' to the limit so they let em off also if there is a few in a line they get away with a bit more