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Sneak peek: new Ducati 1098 superbike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Marx, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Pictures speak a thousand words.

    Not much on it but you can discern something from the pix if you know your current 999, so here are some pix of the new Ducati Superbike. 1098cc, still a twin, looks like it’s an ‘evolution’ of the current testastretta (narrow head) superbike engine which runs the dry clutch.
    A bit of ‘back to the future’ with the single-sided swingarm, dual oval under-tail cans, twin side-by-side headlights.
    (This is their ‘mule’ or proto-type so forgive the appearance & unfinished nature of the components.)

    Pix were taken by a chap visiting the Bologna factory in September this year while on holiday.
    The sketch is not a Ducati ‘official’ sketch.



    I think there is an official launch to this bike later this month (Nov ’06).

    PS: Don’t forget the ‘ Festival of Italian motorcycles’ this coming Sunday (12th November) to be held between the grounds (outdoors) at the old exhibition building & new Museum.
    Free event. :cool:

    Mod edit: only 3 pics allowed per post. Please re-post the last 3 pics below. Cheers - Doonks.

  2. I like. The front looks a bit cbrish though?

  3. I think it looks fantastic, I think we have a new top of the pops. That looks like a sexy bike. :) I totally want one.

    It is a step back into the past with the single sided swing arm and the light cluster.

    Again wow. :)
  4. Aside from the trellis frame it looks like a (insert curses here) Honda :(

    VFR comes in mind...
  5. Gorgeous :D

    About time they fixed that wank front end :p
  6. Which in turn is only an ode to the original Massimo Tamburini designed 1995 Ducati 916. I dont think Ducati have ever designed a more beautiful bike.

  7. Wow Waa Woo
    Ducati I love you
  8. i like what i see. dukes are hot and the new one looks just that. wonder how much they cost???
  9. isn't that weird- I didn't even think about the original 916 front. Just assumed the ducati resembled a cbr front end, instead of the cbr copying the original duke :)
  10. Beautifull !!! :shock:
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  12. Great...another Ducati I MUST have but CAN'T afford :(
  13. i hate dukes... because i know i'll never afford one :(
  14. No need to hate Ducatis because they're so pricey off the showroom floor.
    Buy a 2nd handy like me! :wink:

    Here's some more pix:
    unoffical sketch (not from Ducati).

    New dash? "Look ma, no dials".

  15. NOW if only someone will give me $50,000 I might update from the '78 DARMAH :cool:
  16. Whoops, before you know it, offical pictures are released.


    Looks like a Triumph 695 .... almost.
  17. Neither drop-dead gorgeous nor an eyesore. And Triumph ought to sue over those headlights...
  18. Hmmm, but will the fuel guage actually work? Will it have two trip meters if the fuel guage doesn't work? (One for fuel/distance per tank monitoring, one for trip monitoring.) Is it symmetrical, instead of asymmetrical like the ones with one dial and an LCD display? Symmetrical would look much nicer.

    The new Multistrada is also a 1098cc motor. I wonder how much commonality there is? Multistrada has a wet clutch, two values per cylinder, air cooled. Maybe not much, but why pick the same displacement?

    EDIT: Oops, my bad. The new Multistrada is actually 1078cc, despite original rumours that it was going to be a 1098cc engine. Just as well I checked. . .
  19. I've heard there's a chance it might turn up at the Sydney motorshow next week, which is after the official launch at the Milan motorcycle show on the 13th.

    As they say, good things come to those who wait :grin:
  20. the better pics I have seen of the 1098 have not impressed me. It looks like a throw back to the 996/8 period with a good jolt of Jap crap thrown on the front for good measure.

    I hope the bike looks alot better in real life of with better pics but sadly the designers really must have gone to sleep at the drawing boards if all they could come up with was a 999 rear tail piece, a 996 swing arm and a jap front end.

    I reckon the value of 999/749's just went up in value. It wil be interesting to see if there are any minor changes to be made as these pics are not official Ducati pics, but I have been following this on the Ducati boards and all the spy pics and a vid I have seen do resemble the posted pic pretty spot on.

    Damn oh well, I was hoping for a whole new bike and we get a bitsa bike from different modals oh well.

    Oh well in a week or so we find out the line up of there stable. Rumour has it the 749 is gone and might be replaced by the 750 range but thats to be gone after next year, interesting times ahead.

    Cheers :cool: