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Sneak Peak - New RHOK Liner and Cargos

Discussion in 'Pants' started by Takamii, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. #1 Takamii, Mar 11, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2013
    So the last 7 weeks I have been hanging out at my factory in Pakistan taking names and kicking ass as well as trying to finalise some projects that have been in development over the last 8 months or so

    Here is a sneak peak of our not so scientific testing of the new liner for the RHOK and Resurgence range - I believe you will agree that even though the testing is ghetto that the liner works well - it is lighter and feels better against the skin as well

    We will also be introducing a new range of fully lined jeans and cargos under our Resurgence brand name in the near future

    RHOK jeans have also had some modifications made after feedback from customers and suggestions from the netrider and greater motorcycle community ( thank you all ) we shifted the knee armour entry so now it takes 5 seconds to put the armour in and out( quicker and easier than before ) , we have solved other issues with the knee armour pockets as mentioned by people so in the future there will be greater comfort and protection. Zips have been upgraded as well as the cut slimmed down a touch as well.

    The cargos pic is the prototype the final version will be available come end of March (projected ) - in 4 colours black charcoal grey, green and khaki. They are fully lined with our new liner as well as having our new EAI (easy armour insertion ) system



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  2. Much better than the plain old boring jean design
  3. Really like those cargos Tak. No danger of anything snagging on an off?
  4. no - the laces at the bottom have been removed and so forth
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  5. Wow, something that's neither black nor camo (y)
    I assume same problem as always: it won't fit the ladies ;)
  6. Why another brand name? This is the third so far?
  7. its a new parallel line

    same but different
  8. It's not a brand name it's a line within the brand?
  9. New and Improved! with more acronyms than you can poke a bench grinder at :)
  10. Very very nice!! I'm due for new jeans as I've gained a bit of Christmas fat and still haven't got it off hahaha.

    Prices? Is armor brought separate?
  11. Where do I buy RHOK stuff? I've been looking at reviews etc. and it seems pretty good. I did find a store on ebay but last I checked a lot of the stuff was 'out of stock'.
    Is there a physical store in / near Melbourne to try the gear on and see how it fits?
  12. This took Google 0.74 seconds to find.

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  13. Are the new slimmer cut rhok jeans available now?

    If not, are you doing the older style at a discount?
  14. Look good TAK - I'l grab a pair when they've been released.
  15. Apologies

    New slimmer cut and the cargos with new liner will be available last week March / first week april

    No stocks of old cut left (except 3 x 42 inch waist ) - they have sold out as there was a special earlier posted on netrider
  16. Do i need to pre-order to get them as soon as available? Will the price be the same?
  17. No pre orders taken and prices will rise to reflect the newer better materials and extra work as well as the fact that cargos take much more work to produce in respect to the cutting pattern and stitching more liner coverage ( fully lined ) etc
  18. These look like a good option for my Friday casual days. The Camo's really don't go well in an office and carying jeans takes space in my bag.