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"Snapping clutch cable, Batman"

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jomac, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Well after nearly causing an accident because I found it nearly impossible to change up gears, I complained - as we women do - to the partner who as partners do - said it was in my head.

    Turns out that the clutch cable is down to about two threads.
    (Yay one for me, for a change.)

    So now the question is
    Is it my fault that the clutch cable is broken on a two year old bike?

    I am it's second owner and both owners are/were newbies.
    Please don't respond if it is my fault. (only joking)
  2. A kinked, dirty, or poorly lubed clutch cable will wear more quickly, so potentially it is your fault, but no dramas, these things wear out. Give your bloke a kick in the bum though.
  3. Cables need to be checked checked and lubed {if possible} at least every other month, [preferably more frequently though, eg: after a wet ride etc :) ]

    And not just the clutch cable either, brake cable (if you have one).
    Who on here last checked your throttle cables ?

    I'm not having a dig at you Jomac, But even with a damaged cable you still should have been able to UP change without many problems. Down changes.. yes would of being difficult but not impossible.

    Can I suggest when you get your new cable fitted, go out somewhere quiet and try to get your self up changing with no clutch use from 2nd gear onwards. Its all just practice and getting the revs/speed right.

    I'm about to head of to work,so when I get home I'll either find the thread that explains how to, or type it all up for you :)

    Thats if no one beats me to it :wink:
  4. Unfortunately ignorance is not a legal defense.

    You can apportion some blame to your parents, teachers or neighbors. You can only blame a partner after separation...

    Seriously, once you know what, you need never break another clutch cable. If you think back over the last months you will remember that, as you pulled in the clutch, there was a slightly rough, "clicking" sensation.

    This was due to the unlubricated nipple catching in its recess in the clutch lever, as it rotates during the pull in and out. This rough movement stresses the cable so that its strands break one by one. Once you clean and correctly lube the nipple and lever recess you will have no more problems.

    Occasionally folks continue to have problems because they leave the slot in the cable adjuster facing upwards or forwards, which allows dirt and water to enter the cable and trickle down to the nipple, or down through the cable. Always leave the slot in the adjuster pointing down or to the rear.

    Sometimes the nipple still catches after the clean and lube because there is an incompatible lubricant somewhere in the system. Keep cleaning and lubing until it comes right. I recommend water-resistant grease.


    Trevor G

    PS Always check the lower nipple as well. Oddly enough they don't seem to break down there as often.
  5. That was informative - I haven't done a cable in yonks, but I'm gonna check what you said! lol Thanks Trevor.

    p.s. Why is there ALWAYS a ps in your posts? :-k :LOL:
  6. LOL at you 2 ;-)

    And thanks


    PS Almost always...
  7. what brand of grease holds well?
  8. It's not the brand but the type that counts.

    Use a water-resistant grease. Try a boating place, or a good auto parts store. Don't use much - just enough to cover the niplple. Excess attracts dust.

    Don't worry that you have to buy a $10 pack that lasts for years - it will last you for years IF you keep the lid on. ;-)


    Trevor G