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Snapped Throttle cable "disc"

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RhysBROS, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    In my infinite wisdom, i snapped the contact point for the idle screw off the circular disc, that is intermediate from the throttle cables to the carburetor. Honda BROS 400, unsure where to source a new one of these discs? Are they a common design on a lot of bikes? The circular disc with extension to idle screw, pictured, at the top of image.

    Any help here is appreciated, gents and ladies :)

  2. I would look up a parts fiche and see if I could see the bit I was after, and whether it has its own part number/name. If it did, I would then proceed to eBay and the internet in general. I might also check whether the part number is listed as belonging to other models as well.

    Best of luck catching the fish :).
  3. Im strugling to figure where the part is. Can you give it a paint shop circle. If it sets the gap from the lever off the throtle to the idle screw your holding there. Ide say get someone to tack a shim to that spot. Or just see how far down the screw will set . But full confession im abit of an agricultural mechanic. Ide say if it sat on a srew thred that bit would be welded in with oxidation by now, so time to improvise.
  4. Thanks for the contributions guys. Barnacle, I had a paint marked photo ready to post, but I'm a bit computer illiterate, and didn't know how to load a file. But thanks for the pearls of wisdom :) Old Carollas, I'll look through those links now, and will let you know how I go. Thanks for suggesting Fiche too, Kohhop.
  5. removingidleadjustmentscrew. this bit right?
  6. That's the one!!! cheers O.C.
  7. I'm a little bit like Barnacle with this one.

    I think It could be fixed, by removing the disk and removing the pin (might have to carefully drill it out) and putting in a small bolt with the head towards the adjuster Don't forget a little loctite on the threads so it doesn't come loose.

    Totally bogan? Fill and build up the area with engineering paste (metal filled resin)and file to the shape/height you want or even araldite to glue in a "button" maybe a rivet head or similar) . It would look like you'd only need to fill the hole level as there appears to be plenty of adjustment available in the adjuster.
  8. Even if you have to drill and tap for the new bolt.

    It depends whether you want a perfect example or you just want a bike to ride. Keep resale value in mind, although on a bike like that, I dont' think the next buyer would loose too much sleep, even if they did notice.

    parts from the 650 might fit
  9. it depends if there is any of the alloy arm left, or if it has been broken back to the "disc" itself

    I'd be tempted to fab something up that can be secured by the throttle shaft nut, with a locating pin or two.. then metal epoxy it into a big lump :D
  10. Everybody, thanks heaps for contributing to help me out. Love the sense of community here.
    I can't believe I hadn't thought about it straight away, but I went to Two Wheel Wreckers here in Perth. They pulled an identical throttle lever/disc off a Honda VT250 carby for me, $20.
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  11. Too easy! Excellent solution.