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Snapped the mud

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by viramitch, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Well today I performed a bafflectomy on my pipes and was stoked about the beasty new sound I was getting. Feeling manly I rode down to my rider friends joint to show it off (and my shiny new P plate). The ride down everything was all good but when I showed up on his driveway things got a little seedy. Usually when I ride to his I have to move off the driveway past his cars and through a gate at the end, and due to the rain today all of his front yard was just mud. Well I got past the cars and when I braked to stop, the bike slipped from under me and I snapped the bike in the mud. ](*,)

    Thankfully nothing was damaged except the gear lever which got bent slightly, and a little dent in my ego.. seeing as my friends sister and a few of her friends were all there to see. :|

    Not really a near miss but I thought I'd share anyways.

  2. Unlucky buddy.
    At least it had a soft landing eh?
  3. That is true. I'm also thankful I moved my leg out of the way before I crushed it. Could have been worse I guess!
  4. These stupid bikes just aren't designed to stay upright are they!? LOL.

    Bet you were so thrilled that you had an audience watching you too.=D>
  5. Did you get comforted by the sister and friends :)?
  6. The chance of screwing up is directly proportional to audience size :p
  7. Tell that to my poor leg that had to catch my bike last night when I dropped it in the empty garage. :p It decided to roll off the side stand when I levered it up to lube the chain, and no one was there to see my feat of brute strength when terrified of scratching my new bike I first caught it with my leg, then wrenched it up right from well over on its side with what seemed like relatively little effort for the weight involved. Guess it was one of those adrenaline fuelled events.

    Bad luck man, mud is horrible, might as well fire up the slip n slide and try keeping it upright as you ride down that for how much traction the mud offers.
  8. Haha Azn yes I got a few 'oh my god are you alright?!' 's followed by hugs.. My friend was laughing the whole time though :p

    Apparently he did the exact same thing the day before.
  9. Use your rear brake only when riding on very slippery surfaces, particularly if riding very slow.
  10. :WStupid:
  11. hey dude you ride a virago yeah?

    i'm all of 6ft and 95kilo and i dont look or feel that comfortable but a de-baffled virago exhaust sure makes me feel better!
  12. Exactly, and the scale of the potential blunder also grows in proportion. If you're going to do something monumentally stupid, there will be a tv news crew there testing their equipment. The day you get something perfectly right, freakishly good, there will either be not another human being for 50km, or 200 of them, looking the other way at the swedish netball team having an all in nude catfight in a floodlit swimming pool of aspic.

    Do you know why Rossi and Stoner and crew get paid millions? Because they're freaks of nature! They turn this fundamental law of physics on it's head. They can two wheel drift through T6 at Phillip Island at 240+ k, but they fall up their front steps. They have to eat with a spoon and wear a bib. They need a gym mat next to their beds in case they fall out. Rossi is so good he needs to have at least three people watching him at all times, or he forgets how to breathe! Now that's what I call talent.
  13. Yeah man and I love it. :D I couldn't have asked for another bike more suited for me.

    I agree the de-baffled exhausts make such an improvement to the sound, gets me excited every time I turn the bike on. ;)