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Snapped a peg off

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ash_173, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. So I managed to snap the front left peg off my Yamaha XVS650 Custom, it got caught on something and didn't spring up. Is there somewhere reliable to buy pegs from in Australia? Is it possible to buy a single peg? I've had a look on Z Power and some other sites, but they're all very flashy, I would prefer a normal Yamaha peg.

  2. Check both sides of the frame for cracks. They can be hard to find.
    Pegs are $$$$. I'd look for something down the wreckers and use the rubber from yours s they match well
  3. A friend of a friend might have some pegs from a V-Star 1100 gathering dust, hopefully close enough to work.
  4. i have a pair of pegs from my pile'o'dung that may help, from what i have seen, alot of the metric cruisers have quite similar pegs.

    will see if i can find them and snap a couple of shots.
  5. After coming up empty handed after hitting the bike wreckers, the friend of a friend has said he might have something that works. That would be great Necros87.
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    pics for comparison

    ok, i have tried like 6 times in several different ways to put a pretty picture on this post, but you are going to have to click it instead...


    fekin worked!
  7. Hi might be able to help you out, l have a set off my 2010 xvs650 custom and l work in Geelong, will pm u if l can...
  8. Hey Necros87, that looks really similar to one I tried off an XV750...not the same model by chance?

    The wrecker fell through Starrygirl13 so let's see about those pegs!
  9. they was off my old hyosung gv250
  10. Ah, they look really similar to the XV pegs I tried, didn't quite fit the hole was slightly off and was too tight. I looked at Hyos before I got my Yamaha, the Hyo GV650 Classic is nice.
  11. avoid them at all cost... mine never started from new.... endless troubles with that pile of plastic
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  12. Big thank you to Starrygirl13! The pegs are brilliant and now I can get (comfortably) back on the road. And thanks to Necros87 for the offer of assistance, certainly makes a new rider and new forum member feel very welcome.
  13. No worries at all, its good to be able to help. Glad they fitted :)