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Snapped a bolt

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Hobbsie, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Gday all,

    I snapped a bolt on my front brake lever assembly as per the pic attached, where would I go to get something like this fixed? I can still ride the bike, the levers on there firmly.

    I assume they can just drill the bolt out and put a new one in?

    Its a 2008 Ducati Monster 696.



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  2. did you learn anything when you snapped that bolt ?????????????? any bike shop can fix it for you,or do it your self,drill a small hole in the middle of the bolt all the way throw and use a ezy out ,you can buy them at a hardware shop,all up cost about 15 dollars and some time ,,,bike shop will charge you at least one hour labour time at what ever they charge per hour
  3. Unless its stainless then you'll be there all day.
  4. Looks like the bolt is sheared off at the head.
    If so, undo the other bolt & take the clamp off.
    You should be able to grab the end of it with a pair of Vice Grips & just undo it. :)
    Should be an 8mm bolt (capscrew) available at Bunnings :thumb)
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  5. Well upon further examination its a bit more complicated.. I installed bar end mirrors at my dad's house yesterday, he snapped the bolt for the factory mirror when he was removing them, which you can just see above the snapped bolt in the pic. It looks like hes turned it the wrong way when trying to undo it and:
    a.) snapped the mirror bolt
    b.) broken the mirror
    c.) the overtightened mirror bolt has pushed down on the top bracket bolt pictured and snapped that too

    I didn't put 2 and 2 together until I had a closer look and saw the mirror bolt pushing down on the bracket bolt, which explains why it snapped when I went to loosen it.

    It also explains why I couldn't get the assembly apart as you suggested.

    So I'll have to use an ezy out to get the mirror bolt out, in order to take pressure off the bracket bolt so that I can get the bracket apart.. what a fail haha.
  6. buy a small thread tap.. like M4.

    Drill a hole... tap the hole. screw in an M4 screw with RED loctite.

    Allow to set.

    Undo M4 screw, which will take the larger one with it.

    (thats what I've done in the past)
  7. hit it with a hammer ,,,thats what ive done in the past
  8. FAIL
    O that did help soz
    Recon ur end up with all above suggestions

    Ezy outs are never ezy unless its ezy
  9. Lost count how many I've broken over the years!!!
    Drill it out & fit a Heli-coil! :)
  10. So true, ended up taking all afternoon haha
  11. Righty tighty lefty loosey? Tell dad that.
  12. What if it's a left hand thread???
    Come across a few!
  13. Early yamahas I think had a left hand thread on one mirror. Left side i think, Stop's them loosening under wind pressure..