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Snap Election called in Newmanistan.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. A snap election has been called in Queensland for Jan 31st. Campbell Newman is on the nose with the electorate so is banking on a short campaign catching his opponents on the hop.


  2. I didn't know dictatorships had elections?
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  3. I hope they flog his arse.
  4. Good hope they have the brains to kick that dickhead out .
  5. This is Queensland, Newman will unfortunately be returned with a reduced majority
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  6. I bet Abbott won't be seen anywhere in QLD until this is all over.
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  7. No way I am taking that bet.
  8. Because the tactic worked so brilliantly for Carps in WA in 2008.

    I believe this is what Sir Humphrey would call "A brave decision".
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  9. I'm really looking forward to the NSW election.
  10. Not just QLD, but he will be very quite in the national media if they can help it.
  11. LoL

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  12. I've got the Qld rellies staying with us at the moment, so I sampled opinion.
    Consensus is that Newman did lot a of very bad things at the start of his term but has mellowed slightly of late. The opposition is still seriously on the nose.
    They don't want to vote for either majors. Fertile ground for fringe candidates?
  13. I suspect Mr Newman will lose his seat, but the LNP will remain in power, although with a reduced majority.
  14. If Newman is in doubt for the Ashgrove seat he will be given a safer seat after the event. Not a great solution for those people who voted for their own sitting member though!!
  15. If the opposition are not out in front of this and he can "catch them on the hop", then as much as I hate to say it they don't deserve to win. Hold all bets until you see who news-corp are backing and then lay down you money accordingly.
  16. Er.. the Newscorp Party of Australia?
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  17. He can't just be given a seat.

    The sitting member would have to retire and then he would have to run for the bi-election. Bi-elections traditionally swing well away from the government, so they would have to ask the rep for a very safe seat to retire, after just being elected.

    Not likely to happen.

    Besides, there was a big cafuffly before the last election about him not winning his seat and he won pretty comfortably. Labor shouldn't be putting all their card in that basket.

    Like others, with only 7 seats, I can't see Labor winning. Especially in Queensland, where it is difficult to get rid of a LNP party once they have been elected.
  18. From all the motorbike riders who your ridiculous laws intimidated .. Goodbye little man
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