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Snake on a bike at 250km/h

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waedwe, Jun 28, 2012.

  2. That was incredible, Not some thing I would like coming out of my handlebars,
  3. aiii currumba
  4. Seen this before... Not my idea of fun...
  5. I love how he didn't flinch. Just slowed the bike down, then got off and stood back looking like "hold fark". Im not sure i'd be so calm, but at 250kmh you can't exactly grab the anchors.
  6. Only in Australia lol.
  7. He just wanted a little hug.
  8. I thought we rode on the other side of the road...
  9. Fair call. I didn't pay attention further then the title.
  10. Brazil, I believe.
  11. In Australia I would be shit scared, because there's a good chance it is likely able to kill you. Anywhere else I would be far more comfortable.

  12. I would have flicked it off onto those honking cars
  13. I was just impressed by how calmly the rider seemed to slow down and stop. If it was me I probably would have been slithering all over the road trying to stop. :D
  14. Matches the bike, I would have kept it.
  15. Video has been removed
  16. Its on facebook under the same name,
  17. Back up now :)
  18. Definately, with a snake on the front,
  19. We have 28 venomous snakes in Oz, All of them can kill you, Thats with out counting sea snakes or trouser snakes.